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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not surprised at all...

Stolen from Bunny!

Your result for The Calvin Or Hobbes Test...

Mostly Calvin

You are 70% Calvin and 30% Hobbes

Your inner Calvin often prevails, but, as in the image, you have a significant Hobbesian component. I'm going to try to stretch the visual metaphor here: you have a good head on your shoulders, but when you don't use it, your crazy body gets you in trouble? Does that work? Odds are you're impulsive and imaginative, but it's possible you've collected just enough wisdom to hold your most anti-social urges in check. Most of the time. It's a precarious balance, like a boy on one foot with a tiger head.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008


The scene: a drizzly evening, leaving a restaurant in SF with one of my hula sisters.

I hear someone call out my name from across the street.

I look over and see a woman and a young-ish man. Can't tell who they are, though the woman slightly resembles a co-worker, though the young-ish man isn't her (very hot) husband.

Hula sister and I cross the street, as her car is that direction anyway, and I'm trying to figure out who this is, as it's not my co-worker.

We make awkward small talk for a minute or two, while I try to figure out how I know this woman. Luckily, hula sister picks up on the fact that I don't know this woman's name, though when she says it while introducing herself to hula sister, it doesn't help me. Neither does the young-ish man's name, nor the fact that her daughter works nearby.

Who on earth was that?? And what is happening to my memory??

Saturday, August 09, 2008

I know, I know...

It's been two weeks since the big ho'ike, and I still haven't told you about it.

See, I don't have all the pictures back yet from my friends who were kind enough to play photographer that day.... and so far, in the shots my hula brothers and sisters have shared, I'm JUUUUST out of range.

We're all having trouble picking ourselves out of these pictures to begin with, because once we were properly adorned in our ferns for the kahiko (ancient) part of the program, we all looked alike. There were 120 of us, after all. So I've been looking for the people who were dancing around me as guideposts, as I was positioned near the tallest guys in the class. It's actually been hilarious.

So in this shot, below, you can see me! I swear! Look allllll the way to the right. Do you see someone's back, with the rest of her out of the shot? There I am! (Click to enlarge all pics)

  • Don't I look great?

And in this shot, as we were walking out to start the 'auana (modern) part of the program, I'm just to the right of the tallest guys. See me? There I am! You know, the woman who's obscured by everyone else.

You can see the flowers in my hair and part of my flabby arm as I tried to adjust my sleeve. Looking good!

Okay, so here's one where you can actually see me in my kahiko costume, as we were walking out in our lines to start the ho'ike: I'm allllll the way on the right. (The gorgeous man in blue? My amazing Kumu. The gorgeous African-American dancer? Is a TEENAGER. Stop having those thoughts about him.)

More to come, I promise.

Saturday, August 02, 2008


I could not agree more.

I am 44 years old, and I still feel the slings and arrows from middle school. *Shudders*