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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Turn, turn, turn...

I am really noticing the passage of time these days.

At first, I thought it was just because we'd had such a rainy, chilly winter that when we had a taste of spring, it was really noticeable. (We've since been sent back to winter, and now I'm really confused....since it is now actually spring!) Plus, for the first time I can remember, I was actually in two big snowstorms this winter. I mean, most of the time, the change of the seasons in California isn't as obvious as it is in much of the country, but I've actually felt like I've had a real winter this year, so the change to spring is far more noticable.

No, that's not it. I feel old. I'm feeling the passage of time in my own body. I've been dealing with some hula-related hip pain since the beginning of the year, and it's not only annoying, it's depressing. What do you mean, I can't make my body do whatever I want it to, anytime I want it to, just because I'm in my 40's and overweight? That's not right!

The gray hairs on my head are more aggressive than ever. I'm noticing new and deeper wrinkles on my face. Two more of my friends' kids are about to graduate from high school. On my next birthday, I'll officially be closer to the next age ending in a zero than I am to the last one. I don't get Lady Gaga or Ke$sha.

And it's freaking me out a little. Time for a sportscar, botox and a much younger man?

(Also - on a completely unrelated subject, I completely forgot I'd enabled comment moderation and didn't realize there were a bunch of comments on the last two posts! Ooooops...! I've been guilty of blog neglect. Again.  Anyway, hi y'all!)

At 18 April, 2010 07:03, Blogger The Savage said...

I volunteer for the younger man role! Pick me! Pick me!

Anyways... about your hips... I can help... (no, not like that... unless you don't mind). What ya do is three squats at a time. You do that 10 to 15 times a day and before you know it... voila! Your hips will get stronger and your knees and core muscles too.
To make it even simpler you can use a chair and you don't have to uses those pesky weights. If anyone wonders what the hell you're doing just tell them, "Step off, I'm doing 'The Hump'." Unless you don't like Digital Underground then you can us some pertinent Dave Mathews lyrics....

At 18 April, 2010 14:30, Blogger Blasé said...

Don't feel bad, I'm always "confused".

At 18 April, 2010 16:30, Blogger terry said...

savage, you're funny. thanks for the squats tip! i've been working some old pilates stretches and exercises, and hope to get back to a pilates studio soon.

blase, me too!

At 22 April, 2010 20:58, Blogger chumly said...

It is easy to get lost in a sea of comments; especially on hula night.

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