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Monday, October 26, 2009

Before I forget...


A few random memories from this amazing weekend:

Spray tanning with one hula sister and then spending the rest of my Friday making a lei po'o (head lei) with a group of sisters who made that lengthy crafting experience so much fun.

The overcrowded, hot dressing room that I'll miss.

The cheers from my hula sisters as my small group left the stage after that special dance at each show. They lined up along a makeshift hallway to greet us as we headed back to the dressing room, smiling, hands in the air in a silent cheer. Awesome. (That's us in that picture.)

The praise from my Kumu.

The hugs and words of support from my friends who came out to see the shows.

The smiles from my hula siblings when we'd make eye contact on stage.

The help from so many people during a couple of quick (and very sweaty) costume and hair changes - my god, my hula sisters rock and I felt so cared for in their hands.

My hula brothers arranging my pa'u (skirt) as we sat in noho on stage, waiting for the second act to begin.

The moment my hula sister Arlene grabbed my hand before we opened the second act at one show and held it, so we could connect (really important when a large group dances). Took my nerves away.

That feeling when the curtain opened on me (quite literally) for the second act. Took my breath away each time.

Watching my Kumu dance in the wings while his students were on stage.

The dancers from the performing group helping us get ready, make quick changes, and cheering for us as we went on the stage and when we came off.

Standing in a circle and holding hands with my hula sisters offstage before we went on for our special dance at each show. I can't tell you how close I feel to these women now after sharing that experience with them.
Standing on stage with all 260 students at the end of the show, especially after the curtain closed after the final performance - no one wanted to leave.

The strange mix of exhiliration and sadness now that it's all over.

The gorgeous crown flower lei from a hula sister, and the gorgeous lei we wore during the special dance, which were then given to us as a gift. I don't want to take them off.

The camaraderie, the hard work, the sweat, the tears, the love... the music , the chanting, and especially the dancing.

Wow. I'm awed by the experience.

At 26 October, 2009 09:11, Blogger Lil'Sis said...

Congrats T! Sounds amazing!
Lots of Love,

At 27 October, 2009 15:25, Blogger ell said...

so happy for you! glad you had such a satisfying time, sounds like a blast!

At 06 November, 2009 02:57, Blogger So Not Wishy Washy said...

I would hula if it was offered here....if only because I want a taste of the beauty, comradie, and challenge you've chronicled here. Love this.


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