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Friday, October 31, 2008

Being Sarah Palin...

(Still awaiting pics from a Halloween party I attended last weekend, when my hair had been professionally styled in the Palin way. It was awesome. My version today, in the pic at left, is a pale imitation of what my stylist achieved.)

I spent two days as Sarah: last Saturday, when I attended a very fun costume party, and today, at work.

No one batted an eye at my Starbucks today. Not the baristas who see me every day, nor any of the other customers. HELLO? Do you think this teased hair is NORMAL in San Francisco?? (Happily, the staffers at the Taint, who see me often, had a good laugh when I went to pick up lunch.)

A few people at the party didn't understand why I had a baby doll.

Someone today didn't understand why I had the gun.

When I arrived at work today, I was a little concerned that our security folks might stop me, because of the toy rifle. I needn't have worried; they buzzed me past the front desk without me even swiping my ID card.

When my hair was professionally styled*, a couple of ladies at the salon were oohing and aahing, as though they wanted a similar 'do. We couldn't bear to tell them it was, um, a joke. Kathy, my stylist (who's also a friend) went all out with the high hair.

Then, on my way home from the salon, I stopped at Target, where some people did a double take, as though they couldn't tell if that was my normal style or if I was prepping for a costume.

Mine was voted Scariest Costume (I even have a trophy!) at last weekend's party, where, shockingly, I was the only Sarah. (There were two of us at work today.) Several partygoers wanted pictures with me! I was a mini-celeb, in a twisted sort of way. (Kinda like the year I was androgynous Pat, from SNL, and practically got mobbed in the Castro.)

I love living in my little liberal bubble... I get frightened when I step outside of it.

Yeah, I know... it's the biggest Halloween cliche this year. But if you're a brunette with bangs, it's impossible to pass up such an easy costume!

You betcha.

*It's not like I made an appointment to have my hair done this way. I happened to have a cut/color appointment the same day as the party, and requested the Palin. Kathy did a spectacular job.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yes, I'm home again...

Yes, I'm still kinda sad about that.

Yes, I had a wonderful time.
Yes, I'll tell you more about it soon. I've just been going non-stop since I got home last week. Which is both good and bad.
Good, because I've been too busy to spend too much time feeling wistful. Bad, because I don't have enough time to sit and stare at my pics and soak up more of Hawaii.