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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just a couple of notes from a Dorky trip...

  • Pay attention to your mail. You might just end up with some kind of coupon you can use to park FOR FREE at the airport.
  • I just love Virgin America airlines. Especially since they offered me an upgrade to first class for $35 on my outbound trip. Just heavenly, especially for those passengers who may have been a little queasy and hungover as they got on the plane. Not that I know anyone like that...
  • Then again, it's so very, very hard to fly in coach again after you've been in first class. Sigh...
  • I am absolutely terrible at Guitar Hero. I could barely get through the first couple of verses of "Slow Ride," a song I know very well, before the game cut me off.
  • Also? Terrible at Wii bowling. And tennis. Jeez...
  • Do I get a pass because it was my first time on the Wii?
  • There's no point in packing sunscreen if you're not going to use it on the day you spend strolling along San Diego's Embarcadero in the sun.
  • There are few things that make you feel older than watching young people you've known all their lives get their high school diplomas. Except maybe sucking at Guitar Hero.
  • So happy it was coolish (by SD standards) all weekend. My sweating was minimal.
  • However, my sunburn -- which is almost in a perfect square on my chest -- is maximum.
  • Also, my nose. Just call me Rudolph.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Holy moly. How did this happen?
I guess I'm officially in my mid-(gulp) 40's now...!
And to make me feel even more decrepit, I'm heading south tomorrow to see a couple of young friends graduate from high of whom I've known all her life. I think that's a first.
The time? It really does fly.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hey, remember when I used to blog?

Me too.

Back soon. Really.