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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not surprised at all...

Stolen from Bunny!

Your result for The Calvin Or Hobbes Test...

Mostly Calvin

You are 70% Calvin and 30% Hobbes

Your inner Calvin often prevails, but, as in the image, you have a significant Hobbesian component. I'm going to try to stretch the visual metaphor here: you have a good head on your shoulders, but when you don't use it, your crazy body gets you in trouble? Does that work? Odds are you're impulsive and imaginative, but it's possible you've collected just enough wisdom to hold your most anti-social urges in check. Most of the time. It's a precarious balance, like a boy on one foot with a tiger head.

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At 23 August, 2008 22:45, Blogger nomadshan said...

Nice -- I'm 80% Hobbes :)

At 24 August, 2008 08:36, Blogger The Savage said...

I'm the odd duck (no, that's not a result). 50/50 for me

Calvin & Hobbes, like a scruffy yin and yang, are in perfect balance within you. Like Calvin, you're weird, a bit insecure, and can be a trouble-maker. But like Hobbes, you're down to earth and sensitive. It's a risk to say it here, after just a ten question test, but I'll bet you're smarter than most. Both Calvin and Hobbes are crafty, clever characters, and any one made from equal parts of each is a force to be reckoned with.

At 30 August, 2008 00:52, Blogger Jon said...

I am 70% Calvin and 30% Hobbes too


At 30 August, 2008 17:01, Blogger Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...


I'm 50/50(= Perfect)


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