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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trouble with a capital "T..."

Hi, my name is Terry, and I'm a shopaholic.

See, during all those years of financial struggling, I was very frugal. Sure, I splurged on occasion and spent too much money at Starbucks and on concert tickets and the like, but I didn't do a lot of clothing or shoe shopping.... which is SO against my nature. I love clothes. I love shoes. I love shopping. But I couldn't afford regular jaunts to the mall, even with my excellent bargain hunting skills.

But during this past year, since changing to a more lucrative job, I've gone a little crazy. I don't think I've ever bought as many shoes in my life as I have during the past twelve months. And my vast closets are starting to get pretty crowded with all the new clothes. I keep needing to buy more hangers.

Take last weekend. I went out looking for more warm-weather clothing, since I'm off to Hawaii soon (!!). When you live in the cool grey city of love, you don't have a lot of need for warm-weather clothes. I can make a pair of shorts last forever, because I probably wear them ten times a year, tops... and that's usually when I'm traveling outside the city (even to another city in the region). So I NEEDED to pick up some more appropriate island wear. Needed to.

That doesn't explain the really flattering pair of black pants I bought. Or the three long-sleeved kinda-dressy-yet-still-appropriate-for-work tops, either. In fact, I've worn something new to work every day this week, and only a few of these items will work on my vacation.

Which means I need to do some more shopping.

And you know how much that pains me.

(Tangent time! An open note to clothing manufacturers: I'm sure I speak for many chubby girls when I say... sleeveless shirts? No. Nooooo. I don't care how hot it is, I need a little sleevage. You need it too, to keep your dreams -- nightmares, really -- from being haunted by the sight of my full-on armage. So please... knock it off with the sleeveless or nearly-sleeveless shirts. It's not cute. Thank you.)

At 24 August, 2007 09:49, Blogger Average Jane said...

Yes, cap-sleeve shirts are the work of the devil!

At 25 August, 2007 08:04, Blogger Natalia said...

I think that's awesome. Indulge a little. Life is sweeter that way! :)


At 25 August, 2007 23:28, Blogger Laura said... so basically without going into detail (get details from my mom) money has not been so tight this summer. so we have been shopping. like. crazy. I do not thingk I have ever bought so many pairs of shoes at one time. or clothes. oh my GOD THE CLOTHES. its nice, though. to not feel the daily squeeze of money issues.

At 27 August, 2007 06:13, Blogger latt├ęgirl said...

"More hangers."

I can identify!

(says lady with same name who also loves to shop)


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