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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Do I know how to party or WHAT?

Hoo boy. I was at Target at closing time last night. On a Saturday night.

Actually, I've found that Saturday nights are the best time to shop there, as it's a lot less crowded and there are fewer toddlers running through the aisles, creating an obstacle course.

My cold sore and I did a whole lot of shopping last night. (I've decided I should treat my cold sore differently -- if I act like I like it, maybe it will go away. You know, like men do.)

I rarely buy clothes that aren't on sale. The mark-up on clothing at the store I shop at most often is obscene, and I know that everything will end up on sale eventually, so unless it's something I absolutely must have NOW, I'll wait until it's on sale. That works out well for me. And I love a good deal.

But I think I had my greatest victory last night. I got a cute, colorful tweedy coat with detachable faux-fur collar that had originally been priced at $260... for $31. Yes. A $229 markdown. Ahh, the satisfaction.

I also did some bra shopping last night, and I'm amazed that ALL of the bras in this store have these ginormous, molded cups aimed at hoisting your boobs up to your collarbone. I gotta say, they're pretty comfy, and since gravity is taking its toll, I seem to need the hoisting. My boobs actually DO look better up under my collarbone. And I actually look like I have some cleavage.

But I can't fit these things into my underwear drawer!

I'm serious.

At 27 February, 2006 01:12, Blogger DZER said...

boobies by collarbone pics!!!!

and that's a HELL of a buy! I would have bought that coat even if I couldn't wear it just to say how much I saved! LOL

At 27 February, 2006 05:56, Blogger Mike said...

Gotta like getting a good deal on the coat....I'm all about saving a coule of bucks on

At 27 February, 2006 08:19, Blogger sassinak said...

that is a great deal... greater still if you wanted it all along :)

i love late weekend night shopping :)

At 27 February, 2006 11:39, Blogger terry said...

dzer: no one wants to see that. really. whatever picture your imagination is creating is much better than the reality!

mike: i imagine you must be looking for bargains, after that lavish wedding and reception...

sass: i HAVE been eyeing this coat for awhile, but i'm too damned cheap to spent that much money on one item of clothing!
i'm with you on the nighttime shopping. i wish trader joe's was open 24 hours...


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