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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel...

Meaning, the weekend is near.
Not just any weekend.
A three-day weekend.
Those are the best. I think every weekend should be three days long. Wouldn't we all be a lot more relaxed?

And since I not only got paid this week, but got my tax refunds, I can do a little shopping. Hallelujiah! Breathing room!

Okay, so you know the problem with working out more often? It's creating more laundry for me, and you already know how I feel about that. That's a workout in itself.

I won't complain (much), though, as my muscles are showing signs of life again, especially my quads, glutes, and abs. I even went out to walk last evening even though I was really sleepy, it was damned cold, and I had a ton of laundry to do. I just don't want to lose any momentum. I'm really happy to see (and feel) those muscles doing their thing again. Maybe it won't take me as long to get back to where I was as I thought. Whoda thunk?

This evening, Miss Sassyhair and I will be resuming our little Margarita Thursday tradition. We haven't done this since... uh.... umm... last year? Well before Christmas? It's been toooooo long.

At 16 February, 2006 22:43, Blogger Jon said...

Ohhh I want in on the Thursday tradition.

Work those Glutes babe... Then I'll kiss 'em

At 17 February, 2006 05:07, Blogger DZER said...

I can't remember the last full three-day weekend I had, you lucky wench!


buy me sumptin' purty? *bats baby blues atcha*

At 17 February, 2006 09:53, Blogger terry said...

jon, did you say "kiss" or "kick??"

and dzer, i can't believe the king doesn't get a three-day weekend. that ain't right!

At 17 February, 2006 15:50, Blogger sassinak said...

man i LOVE your laundromat story.

also? can't you lug crap, walk, swap crap, walk, pick up and fold crap, go home?

then you walk and do laundry?

also yeah once you get exercising it starts to stick and that's the best. cause you get addicted and like stuff :)

At 17 February, 2006 17:22, Blogger Jon said...

Definitely KISS *MUAH*

At 17 February, 2006 19:14, Blogger terry said...

sass, i actually took the walk during the drying cycle. trying to walk in between each segment of the hideousness would force me to essentially walk in circles, to stay close by.
kind of a metaphor for my life, now that i think about it...

and jon, perhaps one day in this life, i'll actually have kissable glutes. it's a thought.

At 18 February, 2006 23:35, Blogger sassinak said...


i will never live without in building laundry again. i've done it twice for extended periods and never again. three times if you count the carnival

At 19 February, 2006 11:56, Blogger terry said...

sass, i am VERY JEALOUS.

apartments with in-building laundry are kinda rare in these parts. and my friends who actually have houses sometimes let me do laundry at their place, which is a real gift!

At 19 February, 2006 12:15, Blogger sassinak said...

oh wow
here people won't take apartments if there isn't laundry onsite

is all of san fran like that or just your hood?

At 19 February, 2006 12:26, Blogger terry said...

umm... it's a city-wide thing. totally depends on the size of the building and whether the owner wants to make that investment.

my mom lived in two different buildings here that DID have laundry you just can't tell.

luckily, my laundromat's just a couple of blocks away. and i don't have to trudge through snow or anything to get there...!


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