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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Drudgery report...

I absolutely hate doing laundry. I think it's the most tedious of all my regular weekly tasks. It wouldn't be so bad if I had a laundry room in my building, but literally airing my dirty laundry in public every week is just no fun.
Gather it up, drag it down the stairs, cart it two blocks to the laundromat, hope there are no washer or dryer hogs on the premises, go home during the wash cycle (it seems like a HUGE waste of time to actually sit in the laundromat twiddling my thumbs when I could be home, sitting on my couch, watching "Gilmore Girls" reruns instead), go back to put my clothes in the dryer, go home again to wait out that cycle, then finally bring it home, lug it up the stairs, fold it, and put it away.
Now, laundromat etiquette holds that if you do not make it back in time to remove your own clothes from a washer or dryer once the cycle is done, people who are waiting for a machine can take your things out. It's kind of icky, actually, having strangers handle your clothing. But yesterday, a fellow laundry-doer took one of my loads out of the dryer, and FOLDED IT ALL. Neatly. Even piled it all up according to size (all towels). I don't even fold my own things that neatly. I've never been so stunned... in a GOOD way... at the laundromat.