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Monday, July 25, 2005

You should prepare yourself for another annoying day...

That is how my horoscope for today starts, and truer words were never spoken.

You know how my bathroom ceiling is dropping debris all over the place? Today I got nailed while I was in the shower. Twice. And once while I was... um... seated.
It's bad enough that I have to clean the tub before bathing -- this is really fun at 4:30 in the morning, by the way -- and sweep the bathroom floor 15 times a day.... now I have to be pelted with some ancient molding material from my ceiling while I'm naked, sleepy, and trying to get clean?? As the Cheese would say.... GAH!
Cranky. Pants. Are. On.
And here's how I spent my Saturday night: trading phone calls with our Aussie handyman and two of my neighbors, so we could figure out the source of the leak. This entailed one neighbor running her shower for 15 minutes... then the other neighbor following suit. Imagine our surprise to learn that the leak is coming from two floors above me. It's a magic leak, apparently, as it's completely bypassing the second floor and inundating my ceiling instead. I'm trying to remain happy that we've found the leak... while pretending to be all Zen about how long all the repair work to my ceiling and bedroom wall is going to take.
And I must admit, the Aussie handyman's liberal use of the words "darling" and "love" in conversation is charming the hell out of me.
"Happy" Monday, everyone!