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Monday, July 25, 2005

Omigod, horoscopes really DO come true!

First, a haiku about my commute home:

I fell on the bus
Second time in, oh, six weeks
Ang and Re would laugh

Now... oh my god, oh my god, the mess in my apartment. Aussie handyman has put a big sheet of plastic up on the bathroom ceiling, to keep the debris from assaulting me, so that's an improvement. But the contents of my bathroom, from the towel rods to the things I need to make myself so stunningly gorgeous every day, are scattered around my foyer and my dining room. I might need to get up early tomorrow just so I can groom properly. It looks like he's prepping to put in a new ceiling and to paint the walls, so here's hoping that's done when I get home tomorrow.
But the dust. Oh my GOD, the dust. My apartment is already a dust magnet, but whatever's gone on in here today has turned it into a sand dune. And it looks like Aussie handyman tried to sweep up, with a wet broom, perpendicular to the grain of the wood... so there are streaks of some powdery white substance that have dried onto the floor all... over.... my.... apartment.
Time for some deep, cleansing breaths. And some cocktails.
Fuckity fuck.

At 26 July, 2005 06:38, Blogger Angela said...

twice? you did it twice?
good corral entertainment
trip and fall conway

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