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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Isn't this always the way??

I should have known I would run into the cute guy from my bus stop while I was doing laundry, clad in crappy old shorts that are two sizes too big and highlight my very frightening Casper-white legs... and a big old ugly T-shirt.

I can't imagine why he wouldn't want to get with THIS.

It's apparently a recurring theme for me, to run into cute guys while wearing the worst laundry day clothes possible. Several years ago, the cute guy from my produce market spotted me in the laundromat, and came in all smiley to say hello, and I was so mortified by my enormous jeans and even more enormous sweatshirt that I couldn't flirt properly.

Talk about a wet blanket. (are you liking the laundry theme?)

Perhaps I should re-think my laundry day attire. But then I'd dirty up something cute, when the whole point of laundry day is to clean the slate. Right?

At 09 February, 2006 10:17, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

okay i have to admit something.

I have ONE TIME IN MY LIFE actually made a conscious effort to look nice whilst laundromatting.

That's the ONLY time I ever met a guy there ... leading to a date ... leading to another ... (although it turned out we were NOT compatible.)

ahem. Perhaps we should all dress up on laundry day.

Except i do NOT want to meet the assholes who make up my laundromat gauntlet. I will continue my slothful ways, but perhaps you, Terry, can pull a George Constanza.

At 09 February, 2006 14:35, Blogger Chelle said...

Hey.. just act like you are the hottest momma around in your baggy sweats or jeans....hehe Never do I know..I"ve been marrieed to the same man for alomst 20 years ...I havne't had to worry about flirting forever......oh Lord!! ahhhhhhhhhh lol

Yeah...dress for laundry...hehe

At 09 February, 2006 16:33, Blogger DZER said...

i'm guessing that laundry day will now be a chance for you to re-wear evening gowns and party dresses that normally only get one appearance? LOL

At 09 February, 2006 19:22, Blogger terry said...

you guys are funny. all y'all.

besides, bus stop boy gets to see my in all my freshly-coiffed glory many mornings.
has that mattered? has a move been made, beyond polite conversation?
so why do i care that he saw me looking all schlumpy??


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