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Friday, February 03, 2006

So happy it's Friday...

Especially when I read a horoscope like this:

You are a very active person but today, TERRY, you will probably be disappointed. If you ask those around you to help you with your activities they will most likely not understand your needs. They will wonder why you need to move constantly and why you need to create. The day will therefore seem exhausting and complicated.

Does this mean that no one will come help me do my laundry? Damn. Do you not understand my needs?

I just realized this morning that this week is the first one this year in which I've worked all five days. I can't believe I've actually had that much time off, between vacations, holidays and illness. Heh. No wonder this week has felt so long...

And where the hell is my W-2? I want to file NOW, so I can have money, SOON!

Can you tell that I really have nothing of note to blog about?