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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I am SO stupid...

I've been a decaf drinker for years.

Why, you ask, have I been drinking unleaded joe, when I've worked early mornings... forever? When I am not even close to resembling a morning person?

I just didn't want to rely on large doses of caffeine to wake me. I mean, there IS some caffeine in decaf... and a little more in chocolate, in all those mochas I have consumed over the years. And that seemed like enough. Plus, there was a time it seemed healthier to avoid the caffeine.

As you are probably aware, the alleged health benefits of decaf have largely been debunked in recent studies... so when I had a bunch of leftover fully-leaded Starbucks Christmas Blend beans hanging around the house, I thought... hey! I can brew that and take it to work with me, as part of my Austerity Program! A win-win. Right?

Umm. Except. I completely forgot about the OTHER reason I don't do much caffeine: my stomach doesn't like it. Remember last week, when I was having all sorts of stomach trouble?
Yeah. I now think the caffeine played a role in that.

DUH. Set your clock for now, stupid...

Oh, the good news today? My fever's finally broken! I was SO happy to be freezing cold in my bathroom this morning, since I've been working up a sweat in recent days, carrying out such taxing chores as styling my hair and applying my makeup. Whew.