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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So very random...

So I did finally get my ass over to Walgreen's last night, to shore up my supply of cough medicine...and I waited until 9pm for a couple of reasons: I figured it would be easier to find parking (no, I was not up for the eight-block round trip walk), and that there would be fewer people in the store to experience my pale, disheveled, stinky, miserable presence.
I was wrong.
I parked right out in front, which is a miracle. But there were 15 people in the checkout line when I walked in! I had to stand around PEOPLE for much longer than anticipated. Damn.

In my apartment building, there are four of us who subscribe to the San Francisco Chronicle. When I'm working, I'm usually the first person up and out the door in the morning, so I bring all the newspapers up from the building lobby, and toss two of them on the landing to the next floor up, place one outside my across-the-hall neighbor's door, and take mine. Now, I didn't start this tradition; I used to just get mine and move on, but my across-the-hall neighbor Tim started bringing them all up one day (sometimes he's up as early as I am), and I thought, hey, that's nice. I can do that too.
But why is it that when I'm NOT the first person up, and Tim's working nights, that the other two subscribers can't show us the same courtesy?? I have to go hunt down my paper. Assuming someone else hasn't "borrowed" it already. Grrrr.

I got the funniest thing in the mail yesterday. I lost my sunglasses at Disneyland last week, which was kind of torturous, as I don't do well in sunny weather without something over my eyes. And it was kind of a pisser to lose the sunglasses I'd just bought two days earlier. Yeah, they were cheapies from WalMart, but still. I was thinking about the prospect of driving back to SF the following day with no eye covering. (I'd forgotten I had another pair that I don't like as much in my car.) So as I was leaving the park, I swung by lost and found, since it was on the way out, and I figured it was worth pawing through a box for a few minutes to see if I could find them. Well, they don't let you paw through anything; you have to fill out a form, describing your lost item, and they'll contact you if they find anything. I felt stupid filling out this form for some $15 sun glasses and my fraying glass case, but I felt weird about walking away while the guy who'd helped me was watching.
Lo and behold, my sunglasses turned up in the mail yesterday! I'm still cracking up about that. It really IS a Magic Kingdom!

(clearly, I'm feeling a little better today, since I'm able to whine about more than just my illness...)

At 25 January, 2006 19:56, Blogger Chelle said...

I'm glad you are feeling better! But just to be better stay home for the rest of the

Glad you got your sunglasses back...and you know, if they had cost you like $100, you wouldnt have seen them ever again!!! lol

At 25 January, 2006 23:14, Blogger DZER said...

good to hear you're not so bad off as before ... and kudos for still being a newspaper reader; too few of those these days ...

... and Mickey rocks the Magic Kingdom! Next time, for the heck of it, just write down "Chanel Handbag" ... LOL

At 26 January, 2006 04:58, Blogger Madame X said...

I get my sunglasses from the Dollar store...sure they're ugly and usually crooked and scratched but if I lose them (which I do) who cares!

TO me 15 dollars is a FORTUNE to pay on sunglasses...


At 26 January, 2006 08:18, Blogger terry said...

chelle: if i stayed home all week, i'd use up nearly all my sick days for the year!! in JANUARY!!
and when i HAD more expensive sunglasses, i never lost them. ever. go figure...!

dz, i, like you, am a journalist... so reading the paper is a must. and i'd do it even if it wasn't.

x: i'd never thought about getting shades at the dollar store. hmm.... thanks for the idea!

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