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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I cheated...

No, I didn't take more of the painkiller than I'm supposed to.

I took an over-the-counter sleep aid. Which helped me sleep through the night, but has also left me with a sleeping-pill hangover.

This grogginess made it even more special when my bus broke down six blocks from home this morning.
In the rain.

And it was a power problem, which meant that NONE of the buses on my line would be running anytime soon. So I high-tailed it home and drove in to work. And paid the $14 to park in a garage near work.

But here, watch me look at the positives: I'll get home a lot faster today. The bus died close enough to home for me to fetch my car. And I didn't have to spend 30 minutes standing and clinging for dear life on what was sure to be an overcrowded bus, had I been able to get on another one.

And I have big fun in the works for the weekend; details to come.

I have a new respect for recovering drug addicts. My brain felt so foggy last night when I was driving around town running errands last evening that I was actually concerned about my safety at one point. I even forgot to have dinner.
Me. Forgetting to have a meal. That's a rare occasion, indeed.
I look forward to this fog lifting soon.

Or maybe I really AM losing my mind...!