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Friday, January 06, 2006


I think I once said there was no better feeling than the one you get when leaving work on a Friday.

Let me amend that.

There's no better feeling than finally walking into your apartment on a Friday after a particularly arduous and unpleasant commute home from work on a jam-packed Muni bus. Good GOD. The humanity...!
I immediately jumped into the shower, to wash away the ick of the day.

I must say, I'm really alarmed by how difficult it's been to wean myself off this drug I've been taking for so long. I figured it would be challenging, and that I'd have to be careful with the arm and neck, so as not to cause a flare up...but I really didn't think the process would kick the shit out of me for weeks. I've been dragging like you wouldn't believe; even moreso now that I'm back at work. I even declined an invitation to have cocktails this evening -- THAT's how tiiiired I am!

When I first started taking this stuff, I was in a narcotic fog for at least a week. That's how strong it felt to me then. And now, getting off of it has left me in another fog.

Hi, my name is Terry, and I'm an addict.
Alright, my doctor says that's not true. I'm drug-dependent... not addicted... but what the hell is the difference when you're trying to get off the damned drug??

At 07 January, 2006 13:09, Blogger cutie said...

I've just read quite a few of your posts and you are hilarious!! I'm definitely going to be back!

And thanks for the nice things you've said on mine. I hope the ick is over too.

Happy New Year!

At 08 January, 2006 00:16, Blogger Jon said...

OK, whenever you think you need the drug think about you and me lying naked on a blanket looking at the stars.

I don't know if that'll work for you, but it sure did something for me ;-)

Take it slow Terry. Drugs are both good and bad. It took me a long time to ween myself off of an anti-depressant, I cant imagine what a pain killer would do.


At 08 January, 2006 21:18, Blogger Chelle said...

HI...I stumbled to your blog via Cutie's. It's pretty good I must say. I might pop back again if you dont mind!! lol :)

At 09 January, 2006 08:36, Blogger terry said...

jon, once again, you're cracking me up. and i've watched friends taper off anti-depressants -- yikes, that must be hard! might even be harder than the painkiller.

cutie and chelle: thanks! y'all are so sweet.


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