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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A peek into a restless, dorky mind on a sleepless night...

Around 9 pm
There's no point in trying to go to bed now, as I'll just toss and turn. I'm not tired enough. I haven't been to bed this early since last year (hah hah. I KEEL me.)
I'll continue farting around until I am tired enough.

11 pm-ish
Shit. Not really tired, but should get my ass in bed. That alarm's going off in 5 1/2 hours. Hey, maybe I'll read for awhile. Yeah. Good idea.

11:30 pm-ish
Shit. David Sedaris was a poor choice. I'm not sleepy. I'm laughing. Now I want to stay up and read more. Damn. Okay. Put the book down. Try to get some sleep.

11:35 pm-ish
Okay, if I fall asleep soon, I'll get nearly five hours of sleep. Not great, but I've had less. I'll manage. Yeah.

11:36 pm
Did I put some Aleve in my work bag? I can't remember. I need to make sure I have some, as tomorrow will be the first time I'll be working without so much pain medication for my repetitive stress injury.
Okay, don't forget the Aleve. Don't forget the Aleve. Don't forget the Aleve. Don't forget the Aleve.

11:37 pm
Why am I having such a hard time falling asleep? Don't forget the Aleve. I even got out of bed earlier than I wanted to today, so that I might have an easier time falling asleep tonight. Don't forget the Aleve.

11:41 pm
Damn, that bus was loud. Are they always that loud at this hour? Or do I just not notice because I'm usually asleep by now on weeknights? Don't forget the Aleve. What time is it now? Shit. I need to go to sleep. I need to go to sleep.

11:45 pm
Damn, I can't get comfortable. Is it the lack of drugs? Oh. Yeah. That reminds me. I'd better take some Aleve with me to work tomorrow. I can't find a comfortable position for my neck. Or my arm. And why does my left arm keep twitching? That's not even the injured arm.

11:47 pm

Why can't I sleep? Damn, I'm sore. How long have I been taking these drugs, anyway? Let's see... I don't think my doctor prescribed them until I went on sick leave... so that was... 1998? Is that right? Man. No wonder it's been so hard to wean. I feel like an addict. Shit. I'd better take some Aleve to work tomorrow.

11:50 pm
Do I have anything interesting to blog about tomorrow? I don't think so. And I can't keep whining about the end of my vacation. That's getting old. Maybe I should write about my fantasy about moving to New York. Did I save that wire story about how expensive it is to live there? I'm not sure. Goddamn, I can't get comfortable. Maybe I should finish up those thoughts about dating. Uh... what were those thoughts? Oh yeah. My broken flirtation detector. Do I have enough material to work with? Which guys was I thinking about? Ummm....

11:55 pm

Shit! Fuck! Look what time it is. Shit. Okay. If I skip breakfast at home, I can get up later. And it's not like there'll be much to read in the paper, either. Holiday and all. Okay, I'll reset the alarm for 5 am. Okay. If I get to sleep soon, I'll be okay. Yeah. Okay.

12:02 am

Dammit, I can't get comfortable. My neck really hurts. It's going to be even worse tomorrow... well, TODAY, if I don't get to sleep soon. Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Sleep.

12:06 am

I wonder if I should have taken something to help me sleep. Shit. It's too late now. Goddamn, it's hot in here. Okay, spaz, relax. If I get to sleep soon, I'll be okay. Go to sleep. Go to sleep.

12:10 am
So if I DID move to New York, where would I live? I'd love to live in the Village, but I don't think I could afford it. There's a new Trader Joe's in that neighborhood, too, isn't there? Where did they open that? Shit, it's cold in here.

12:15 am

Shit! Look what time it is! I'm never gonna get to sleep. I'm going to be so tired tomorrow. Should I do my laundry tomorrow... I mean, today... or go grocery shopping? I doubt I'll have enough energy to do both. Laundromat will be busy, because of the holiday. But so will TJ's.

12:17 am

So maybe what I should do is do my laundry, and then hit the local produce market, to pick up some essentials, and hit TJ's later in the week. Oh, hell, I should go to Rainbow too. Did I put any Aleve into my work bag? I should check before I leave. Don't forget the Aleve.

12:22 am

Oh SHIT! It's almost 12:30. I'm not going to get enough sleep. I'm going to be really tired. And hurting. Okay. I need to sleep. Get to sleep. Sleep. Stop thinking so much. Sleep.

12:31 am

Oh, GREAT! A firetruck. Full lights and sirens. Goddamn it. I was almost feeling drowsy there. Why couldn't I sleep through THIS one, instead of the ones that were parked outside my building the night of that fire?

12:33 am
Okay, I need to start meditating or I'm never going to sleep. Why doesn't my brain have an "off" switch?

12:38 am

Goddamn, it's hot in here. Why can't I get comfortable? Shit. I'm supposed to be meditating.

Lather, rinse, repeat until about 2 am... and repeat again starting at 4:15am!

4:16 am

Shit. Look what time it is...! Did I sleep? I must have. Goddamn it, why can't I stay asleep? I have another 45 minutes to sleep. Should I just get up, though? Am I going to feel worse if I go back to sleep? Could I feel any worse than I do now?

4:40 am

Okay, just get the hell up. This is pointless. It's going to be a long day.

The good news? I DID remember the Aleve...!

Happy frigging New Year!