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Friday, January 27, 2006

Just call me...

... Debbie Downer.

So the new, cute little umbrella I picked up recently happens to look like a child's umbrella when it's opened, so it wasn't much help to me in the rain this morning.

I learned this after a hideously hot and steamy bus ride downtown. See, I'm still feverish... and when the bus drivers turn the heat on full-blast on a rainy day, it's pretty unpleasant even if you're healthy. I wanted to scream. And I figured I'd get lynched if I flung the windows open, since it was rainy and the outside temp was around 48 degrees.

By the time I'd arrived at work, I was practically drenched in sweat, and sat here sweating some more for my first hour on the job. Then I got chills. It's been like that on and off today. I'm all hot again right now, in fact. I feel like I reek.

And nearly everything I eat turns my stomach. I'm either nauseous or in pain. It's an interesting diet technique... like aversion therapy. I've just decided to skip lunch....


At 27 January, 2006 14:56, Anonymous Jeannette said...

Get better soon. Thinking of you today.

At 27 January, 2006 18:55, Blogger Michael B said...

sounds like i may be working for you again on monday, eh? if so, don't worry...i won't change your desktop! get well.


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