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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Adding insult to injury...

A cold sore has sprouted on my upper lip.
Because what I really need right now is to feel (and look) like a fucking leper.

At 29 January, 2006 17:01, Blogger DZER said...

I blame the smoker!

At 30 January, 2006 05:01, Blogger Chelle said... careful your lip doesnt' fall off...hehe

At 30 January, 2006 08:20, Blogger terry said...

right now, i'd like my lip to fall off...!

At 31 January, 2006 06:41, Blogger Jon said...

You mean I can't kiss you!? DAMN IT!!!!

At 31 January, 2006 09:19, Blogger terry said...

afraid not, darling. i'm officially a leper.


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