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Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Sunday!

Okay, is it wrong that I found the Puppy Bowl more entertaining than the Super Bowl?

It's even funnier after a couple of glasses of wine. The Bowl Cam? The Kitty Halftime Show? Come on! That's great TV! Go click on the link and watch some of the highlights.

At 06 February, 2006 09:02, Anonymous Jeannette said...

I found it to be HILARIOUS after two large rum and cokes! Thanks for the link as I used it for my newsletter.

Is it me, or did that white poodle WANT to be chased?

At 06 February, 2006 09:15, Blogger terry said...

that white poodle was SOOO annoying! i was just showing miss cheese the highlights, and that damned dog one of the first things she mentioned.

i also loved the "referee," who looked very sheepish about cleaning up the dog poop. hahahahaha


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