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Friday, August 17, 2007

How to make yourself smile...

...after a particularly grueling week at work:

- Accept a co-worker's invitation to go have a drink, even though you can barely keep your eyes open, and all you really have the energy to do is to go home, put on your PJs, and jump into bed.

- Don't even consider for a moment your original plan of going for a long walk and cleaning your apartment. Laugh at the absurdity of said idea. Hah!

- Have a second glass of the yummy Cabernet your friendly bartender has chosen for you.

- Laugh at the absurdity of the work week, and at the boys you're discussing with co-worker.

- Stop at the Grocery Store That Annoys The Fuck Out of You Most of the Time* on your way home to pick up a few essentials.

- Sigh with relief when you realize the store isn't as crowded as it usually is.

- Buy the tuberoses that literally stopped you in your tracks (no, really), because they smell so fucking amazing. Even if they're $2.99 a stalk.

- Sigh with pleasure when you're able to find most of the items you need.

- Drive home, put away the groceries, put on your PJs, and don't even look at the mess around your apartment. Get into bed by 10:30.


*more on this in another post

At 18 August, 2007 01:13, Blogger Laura said...

aaaah, bliss. dont u just love days like that?! yeah, tuberoses are expensive but they smell so good and are so wort it for a littl pick me up! k so this is totally random...but i just realized i have never been to your apartment! that is soo weird to me! i have been to dianas and angelas (well, DUH!) but not yours!

At 19 August, 2007 15:27, Blogger buddha_girl said...

Damn those flowers are freaking gorgeous! Money well-spent, that's what I say!

I'm so glad you didn't give in to your original plan. Who cares about cleaning after a hell week?

At 20 August, 2007 07:46, Blogger latt├ęgirl said...

Hey, Terry. This is the other Terry. Every time I see your name on masgblog I get confused...

It took me a long time to follow the link from Mau's place but here I am at last.

I like what I see. Well, at least, what you wrote last Friday.

At 20 August, 2007 08:24, Blogger Natalia said...

That sounds perfect. As my schedule gets busier, that slips away from me. Maybe in a few months.


At 21 August, 2007 02:31, Blogger DZER said...

good on ya!!

At 21 August, 2007 20:14, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

smiling just reading it. you didn't include that in your list.


At 22 August, 2007 16:22, Blogger Heidi the Hick said...

I think you got it aaaaaall figured out!

At 22 August, 2007 17:55, Blogger sassinak said...


that's AWESOME!

and those flowers are gorgeous...

and dude? hawaii... seriously can i come?

At 23 August, 2007 03:46, Blogger The Savage said...


At 23 August, 2007 13:51, Blogger SignGurl said...

Those flowers are breathtaking.

How lucky of a girl are you?

At 25 August, 2007 08:33, Blogger Blondie said...

Love it. Love it. Love it.

So similar to my own stories. :) Last night I stopped to buy Dt. Dew and a trash magazine and crawled into bed at 10pm. Ahhh.


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