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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Kind of an odd end to the year...

Shortly before I left for a Friday night party in honor of a co-worker's boyfriend who's been re-called into the military (whee! fun!), I got the news that a long-time former co-worker (now retired) is gravely ill, with what sounds like a terrible prognosis.

This, after I spent a torturous half hour standing in line at my post office trying to pick up the mail that had accumulated while I was on vacation. I hate my post office. I mean, I REALLY hate my post office. Fuckers. They should all die painful deaths there. Or maybe some asteroid could land on the building and just wipe it off the face of the planet.

A girl can dream, can't she?

Still, 2006 was a pretty good year for me, what with the big job change and the new hobby and all the fun stuff I got to do. And the events of Friday reminded me that I have much for which to be grateful. I didn't even feel particularly sad about spending New Year's Eve on my own again. In fact, after all the craziness of the past month -- and a very fun mojito-sodden lunch Saturday with Her Cheesiness, Miss Angela, and Rebecca -- (she doesn't have a blog for me to link here, but her daughter does!), I was ready to spend a couple of days communing with my couch (plus, I have plenty of adult beverages on hand at home for my enjoyment). But not before the girls and I watched this video and giggled like fools a few dozen more times. It hasn't stopped being funny. In fact, it keeps getting funnier to me. And I think we're ready to perform our own version at some karaoke night...

Oh! That reminds me! Here's another really funny video. Be sure to watch the whole thing... or at least until the 1:50 mark. I was quite literally on the floor over this thing. WTF???

Plus, New Year's Day finally brought a long-awaited new episode of "No Reservations." It's about friggin' time...

Hi! Could this post be more disjointed?

Yes. Yes, it could. Here are a few more pics from my trip to New York (and no, I didn't go to Anthony Bourdain's restaurant. I'm really not a stalker....)

My attempt at being arty again, this time, on the Brooklyn Bridge. Ooh. Bridgey.

Central Park again. Preeeetty.

The fountain in City Hall Park. Also preeeetty. At least I think so.

The new purses. My great purchases in Chinatown. This one's for the girls, and Balloon Pirate.

Happy New Year, everyone!

(I think there are more links in this post than any other blog post on the internet. I must have set some sort of record here.. )

At 03 January, 2007 02:41, Blogger The Savage said...

Your attempts at artsy are successes!

At 03 January, 2007 07:32, Blogger Chelle said...

Ohhhh I love your purses!!! Very nice!! My husband bought me a Prada purse when he was in China, for like $20!! No one knows and I feel

I love the pics of your trip to NY. Some day I would like to visit there. Of course....there are so many places I want to visit.....grrrrrrr.

Happy New Year, girl :)

At 03 January, 2007 10:33, Blogger terry said...

aww, thanks, savage. it's hard to take a bad picture of such wonderful scenery, i think....

chelle, that's the best part about the knock-off purses! most people don't know!

you must go to new york. i'm ordering you.

At 03 January, 2007 13:11, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

Oh, sure. I make ONE clutch-related comment, and suddenly I'm the Purse Pirate!

...that Dolce & Gabbana purse, however, is a great color for you...

DAMN! I'm doing it again!

C'mon! Post about chainsaws or football, or at least if it's gonna be feminine, do something about lingerie.


At 03 January, 2007 17:48, Blogger terry said...

pirate, i just knew you'd be pleased.

and seeing as how there's no need for interesting lingerie in my life, i don't really have much to say about it. or chainsaws or football.

so sorry.

At 03 January, 2007 21:52, Blogger Jon said...

Looks like a much better trip than either of mine.

Happy New Year!!!

At 04 January, 2007 05:20, Blogger Blondie said...

A little bit of drool just came out of my mouth when I saw your purses. :)

Yeah to spending NYear's alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cats and I tip our hats to you.

At 04 January, 2007 05:36, Blogger Michael B said...

tc - thanks for "sharing" (note the quotation marks!) the dick in a box vid. a scream. all the best for 07.

At 04 January, 2007 19:34, Blogger masgblog said...

I love the bags.....I am a bag nut...


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