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Friday, February 22, 2008

Why I could never be a parent...

I nearly peed my pants looking at these pics.

(I particularly enjoyed the feeding and shopping tips.)

(Thanks, Dooce...)

Hey, you know what's a really fun thing to do on a Friday night? Sorting through your closet in order to get rid of stuff you no longer need. No, this is nothing like last year's huge purge (go back to last February's archives, if you want to see a really amazing tranformation), since I don't have a ton of old dishes and cups and assorted old shit dating back many years anymore.

This time, it's mostly clothing. And shoes. Remember how I said I've been shopping like a maniac over the past year? Yeah. Well. Even my large closets are getting cramped, so it's time to share the wealth with those who are less fortunate. And attempt to get my closets looking like they did last year at this time...

Do I know how to party on a Friday, or do I know how to par-tay?

Speaking of parties... it's time again for Miss Cheese and I to get gussied up for that big fancy Oscar party we so enjoy! Stay tuned for pics next week... (again, go back to last February for last year's summary).

EDITED TO ADD: Holy moly. Why didn't I clear the closet sooner? Why do I hang on to clothes I haven't worn in eons?? And at some point in the early 2000s, I bought four pairs of sandals that look nearly identical. Because, you know, here in chilly SF, I wear sandals often enough to need the same ones over and over and over again. Jeebus. (No pics this time -- I was moving so efficiently I didn't want to stop.)

At 23 February, 2008 07:28, Blogger nomadshan said...

Ah, you remind me that I need to perform the same kind of closet purge. Congrats on your progress!

At 23 February, 2008 20:23, Blogger Laura said...

doesn't it feel SOOOO good to totally purge your clothes?? i did that when i went home and, aaah. felt so fresh, clean etc.

yesss, i laughed my ass off at the parenting tips thing. reminds me of my mom...I KID I KID.

At 25 February, 2008 14:55, Blogger cadbury_vw said...

i've been doing closet purging too

it feels good to dump the stuff that you will never actually wear again, doesn't it?

the worst part is getting past the psychological hurdle of throwing out something that is "still good" (yes, that's my parents' great depression voices you hear echoed in those words)

At 25 February, 2008 16:35, Blogger The Savage said...

Did I mention I was back?

At 26 February, 2008 06:07, Blogger Heidi the Hick said...

Can't wait to read your Oscar report!

As for the closet purge... my son the budding scientist cleaned out his closet and under his bed. There are now two recycling boxes in front of our house full of his old box collection. He made stuff out of boxes for years and squirreled it all away. He also filled two garbage bags with useless crap.

He looked at me and asked, "WHY did you let me keep all that crap???"

I told him that a) I grew up with not much of anything and I made stuff out of boxes and tape, and b) he really enjoyed making and keeping so I let him.

It was fun at the time but he's also just learned how good it feels to lighten up the load. There's a floor in his room now. He likes it. And he did it all himself! Yay!


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