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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Damned karma....

After having many laughs over this today...

(click on the image to make the video work)

  • ...the heel of my shoe got caught on a weird patch of paving in the garage at work and I fell. Scraped the hell out of my right hand, jammed my middle finger (heh) (doesn't appear to be broken but hurts like a mofo), skinned one knee, smacked the hell out of the other one and may have wrecked a pair of pants.
  • What IS IT with me and falling?? I've fallen more in the past three or four years than I have in the past two decades. I shudder to think what I'll be like when I get older. Assuming I don't die in a fall first.
  • I almost skipped hula tonight, because I hurt in many places, but we got worked so hard in class I couldn't even think about my injuries. Just had to focus on getting enough oxygen to keep from keeling over dead. But it's a good thing I went, because I suspect becoming immobile would only have made me hurt more tomorrow.
  • I guess I should stop finding that little clip so amusing.

At 01 February, 2008 06:30, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

poor li'l guy.

sorry about your injuries. falls like that usually point to a lack of attention to what's going on right now. are you preoccupied? perhaps you should let your mind take a break and just focus on what's in front of you.

just a thought.


At 01 February, 2008 10:39, Blogger Natalie said...

See thats what you get for laughing at kids jumping onto concrete. Then again, I guess I'm in for it myself. Nevermind.

At 01 February, 2008 21:24, Blogger Laura said...

falling is funny.
but its not this time!
oh i sound like my grandma now.

At 02 February, 2008 05:49, Blogger Michael B said...

i'm just hoping your jammed middle finger isn't too damaged....god knows how useful it can be. btw, that video rocks!

At 02 February, 2008 07:29, Blogger Angela said...

Oh laura ... it's still funny. I couldn't help but laugh ... c'mon ... it's someone FALLING! Even if it is terry.

I know I know ... I'm going straight to hell. See you there!

At 02 February, 2008 09:23, Blogger Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

It's so cute, yet so sad at the same time. Poor kid.

At 02 February, 2008 18:25, Blogger rebecca said...

last night i gave angela a ride home. it was dark, and the walk from sidewalk to her front door can be a bit touch & go, as the driveway is a bit funky. as i watched her walk (carefully) to her door in high heels, i opened the window to my car & shouted to her "i just realized i'm not waiting here to make sure you get in safely. i'm watching... just in case you fall. 'cuz it'll be, you know, funny." i am a loving aunt.

your garage fall (following your distribution of that kickass video of the kid who can't dive) reminded me of angela's driveway. hehe. feel better, terry. falling as a grownup is a drag. little kids do it so much better than we do. but we have atm cards and late bedtimes, so i think we win.

xo, rc

At 02 February, 2008 19:40, Blogger Cynthia said...

Hey there Terry, we haven't been in touch in a long while! I'm glad to know that your inner b**ch is alive and kicking! xo, cyn.

At 03 February, 2008 06:33, Blogger buddha_girl said...

Holy hell! I adore that clip!

I think I'm gonna save that and send it to my friends at work. Thank you, dear Terry.


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