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Monday, December 24, 2007


Yeah, I was feeling a little grinchy today. I haven't actually worked on Christmas Eve since...uh... I think... the 90's. So that felt weird. And knowing that my holiday plans were in flux had me kinda cranky - even more than usual for a Monday. But I put on my cute Santa hat (with black trim, not white! adorable!*), red blouse, and ornament-like jewelry anyway, figuring I should at least try to fake it. There are far worse troubles in the world than mine.

Then the crew at my Starbucks comped my ginormous Chai.

And I was nearly flooded with gifts at work.

And everyone seemed to get a kick out of my festive appearance.

And some friends who were concerned about my Holiday Orphandom reached out.

And my heart felt even more full than usual.

I was already planning to write here about how lucky I am, but today just confirmed it again. I have the most amazing people in my life, and I truly feel blessed (even though I am not the least bit religious). Part of the reason for my Orphandom this year is the timing of this holiday. I mean, c'mon... Christmas on a TUESDAY? So wrong. So inconvenient when you work in a 24/7 business and your immediate boss is taking the week off. This is why I'm in town, and not in San Diego or Houston or even New York.

And tonight, on a night I usually spend having a lovely dinner of my own making, I had take-out from one of my favorite neighborgood eateries. I've opened a tasty bottle of wine, and am making myself some (gluten-free, natch) stuffing to enjoy this week. I haven't had any in two years, so it's time**. And then I'll make my favorite holiday treat... Zippity Polka Dot Squares. (You normal folks know them as Seven-Layer Bars, but whatever. And there aren't seven layers in mine)***.

And then I'll alternate between watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Story" on TV, working hard to catch my favorite parts of each film. And there will be no tears, except at the end of "...Life," which makes me cry every damned time.

Because no woman is a failure who has friends. I really am the richest girl in town.

Merry Christmas, everyone.****

*if i weren't so sweaty from the cooking, i'd take a picture...but really, the cute has melted off.
**it's been so long since i've made stuffing -- usually, mom handles this, and i do our christmas eve lasagna dinner -- that i've gotten my portions out of whack. i've made enough stuffing to feed a small army. i'd better make room in my freezer...
***yes, gluten-free. this time, i'm going to grind up some nuts for the crust. yum!
****mine will include a massage and spa experience, then dinner at the home of some major gourmets and gourmands. who have included some gluten-free side dishes in their menu. again, with the luck.

At 27 December, 2007 08:35, Blogger buddha_girl said...

So farkling great to have friends like that, sister! I'm glad things turned around starting with the comp at ole Starbucks.

Like you, I was Grinchy at my last day of work because it snowed yet we were not CLOSED! The kids, though, were great, I received VERY thoughtful gifts from kids and parents alike, and I made it through the day with a grin on my face. Here's to the goodness surrounding us all...especially friends who prepare gluten-free knoshies so EVERYONE can enjoy!

At 28 December, 2007 05:54, Blogger SignGurl said...

Terry, I'm glad your holiday was a success, despite having to work.

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

At 29 December, 2007 11:27, Blogger Jon said...

I am glad you have great friends... and that I feel like one of them.

It's a Wonderful Life does that to me too. I took the DVD to Michigan with me.

Just got back


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