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Friday, August 31, 2007


midnight skateboarder
isn't it past your curfew?
stop making that noise !!
At night, it's the fucking skateboarder(s). In the morning, it's the crew that's replacing the sewer main on the street my bedroom window faces. And last Saturday, they were out doing god knows WHAT the fuck created that noise before 8 A.M. Grrreeeeaaat.
And I just found out the Indian place where I was going to order dinner (they deliver! fast!) is closed because of some power problem. DAMN.
*Edited to add: So instead, I ordered Thai from a place that delivers. Crisis averted. Whew.

At 01 September, 2007 07:52, Blogger SignGurl said...

I love the clever haiku. I feel your pain with the lack of decent sleep.

At 01 September, 2007 21:43, Blogger Laura said...

OMG. i remember this one day there was this fucking kid riding his electric scooter UP AND DOWN UP AND DOWN the steet one day. it was the most annoying noise. my mom and i wanted to put a long piece of rope out there so that he would get thrown back just like the cartoons!

At 02 September, 2007 19:48, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

Today I got to hear top volume Edith Piaf starting at 7 AM (not so bad as skaters, but i WAS tired) punctuated by not one but TWO very very very loud sex climaxes from my new neighbor directly upstairs.

ha ha ha ha ha ha.


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