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Saturday, February 17, 2007


It's worse than I thought.

The crap-removal project, I mean. It's taken more than 2 hours just to get through all the shit in my bedroom closet and armoire. And it's a small closet compared to my gigantinormous main closet.

However, I did have a ton of old papers and shit to sort through. Why were they in that closet? I have no idea. Because it was there?

It's also the biggest problem of all my storage spaces, which is why I took it on first. I think it's all downhill from here. I hope.

I'm now thinking it might take the junk hauler people more than my estimated half-hour to get all this crap out of here. I am SO glad I decided to hire someone else to haul it away, though. I've saved myself another day of work, between carrying it all downstairs, cramming it into my car, and driving it as far away as I possibly can and still be in San Francisco. And then paying to get into the dump. And then removing it all from the car myself.

Pics tomorrow. For now, it's back to work...

At 17 February, 2007 18:43, Blogger The Savage said...

So.. with all this new room.. umm can I move in?..

At 17 February, 2007 20:20, Blogger What the Chuck said...


You'll feel so wonderfully unburdened.

I look at all the SHIT in my house, and know that my life without it would be at least the same, if not better.



At 17 February, 2007 21:50, Blogger terry said...

savage... sure! i'm not saying there's enough room for anyone else's clothes, even though i've filled a billion bags with crap...

chuck, you're so right. i can't WAIT until all this crap is out of here.


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