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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Somebody stop me...

Look! Even more pictures from New York! Because no one's ever photographed it before!

Fifth Avenue, Christmas Day. I wish I had a better shot of that big snowflake hanging over the street. It was really pretty all lit up at night, too.

The Brooklyn Bridge... and...uh... other bridges. The Manhattan and the Williamsburg? Can that be right?? That's what my map claims, anyway. Picture taken from the Staten Island Ferry, which, by the way, is the best freebie in New York.

The fountain outside what was the legendary Plaza Hotel, which is being turned into condos. Pheh.

Central Park, yet again. Told ya I spent a fair amount of time there.

It was pretty dang cold on that ferry! (Let's see how long I can keep this picture up before I'm urged to remove it by my friend John...)

At 03 January, 2007 17:57, Blogger Laura said...

ooh ny!!
i am so, so jealous!!
yay to beng the first one to comment!!
ah, I want to go there so bad.
but, i could not sacrifice a trip to puerto vallarta with friends, but i mean who could blame me?!
the drinking age explains it all....

At 03 January, 2007 18:02, Blogger Laura said...

oh yea, I want pictures of all the knockoffs and pashminas, also I really like that picture, the one with the snowflake.
I saw that the traffic light is green and I immediately starting thinking about the symbolism of it.
uhhh, someone was analyzing text in english class today! haha

At 03 January, 2007 18:20, Blogger terry said...

laura, you would SO love the shopping. even the window-shopping's fun. but i can see why you'd hit puerto vallarta first! hell, I want to go!

oh! pashmina pics will come later...

At 03 January, 2007 22:26, Blogger Natalia said...

Ohhh more nostalgia!


At 04 January, 2007 01:42, Blogger The Savage said...

it's like a slide show that doesn't suck. :D

At 04 January, 2007 05:53, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

Wow. The Plaza's going condo? Man, that sucks.

That's where STBEW and I were staying when I proposed to her.

And then we had cocktails at the Top of the World.

All are as gone as the marraige.



At 04 January, 2007 07:53, Blogger JMai said...

I don't know why I know this, but I just do... when I was young, oh around 9 years old or so, Pier 17 was a relatively new hang-out spot. It had good shops, nice restaurants, and a lovely view. And my parents used to take us down there all the time. That's where my dad taught me the bridges. From Pier 17, you have a very clear view of the east side bridges. Closest is Brooklyn. Just north of that is the Manhattan. A bit more north is the Williamsburg. And waaayyy in the distance (a good 5 miles north, I'd say) you can just make out the Queensboro bridge.

At 04 January, 2007 13:12, Blogger terry said...

nat, i'm so glad it's entertaining for you.

you too, savage. nothing worse than boring vacation pictures. "here we are at another starbucks..."

pirate, that's kind of eerie. i never got to see the plaza when it was a hotel. waah.

jmai, of course you know! it's home!

At 04 January, 2007 14:29, Blogger SignGurl said...

John is hawt!!!!

I love your NY pictures. They really do look professional.

At 04 January, 2007 16:12, Blogger terry said...

signgurl, you are too funny.

and john thinks you're on drugs. he thinks he looks like an escapee here. and i have to agree.

At 04 January, 2007 19:32, Blogger masgblog said... Yoko Ono pictures?

At 04 January, 2007 19:40, Blogger terry said...

masg, sorry... no yoko. we did walk by the dakota a few times, though...


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