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Thursday, January 11, 2007


I just realized why I despise him so.
I mean, another reason. One of many.
He reminds me of my former father-in-law.
Not really in appearance, though maybe a little. But definitely in attitude, demeanor, and the way he deals with people.
What a fucktard. (This applies to both Trump AND the ex-in-law.)
Go, Rosie, go!

At 11 January, 2007 22:18, Blogger Chelle said...

Well I have to agree with you on Trump....he's definitely a fucktard....however....I cannot stand that loud mouth Rosie either. (I Their whole fight has them actling like children. It's stupid.

At 12 January, 2007 04:13, Blogger Love Monkey said...

I hate him too - and Rosie. She'd be ok, mouth and all, if she was even a tiny bit intelligent. But one thing is for sure - her hair is better than his. I want to shave his head. I do. I seriously do.

At 12 January, 2007 06:15, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

I've met guys like him, too.

They know how do do ONE thing well: they know how to make money.

From that singular ability, they then extrapolate that they therefore know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, and act accordingly.

Most of them end up friendless, with fucked-up families.

And if that's the extend of the damage they cause, it's a good thing. Unfortunately, many of them cause collateral damage in social and environmental areas, because they recognize that environmental and social issues don't stand up well to bottom line analyses.

Because they know about the bottom line. They know how to make money.

And, since they know how to make money, they know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING.


At 12 January, 2007 06:50, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

I don't like him, nor do I like that Rosie fool. Ugh.

She's a self-righteous, hypocritical bitch.

They both suck!

At 12 January, 2007 09:59, Blogger cadbury_vw said...

i agree with balloon pirate

my ex-father-in-law used to say "if you're so smart, why aren't you rich?"

as though that's a measure of how brilliant you are


like Trump

my response was usually to the effect of "Jesus and Mother Theresa don't think being rich is so important"

At 12 January, 2007 10:06, Blogger terry said...

i'm sorry, y'all.. but i love rosie. she makes me laugh.

but i agree that this spat is ridiculous.

At 12 January, 2007 11:42, Blogger buddha_girl said...

Honestly, I loathe him as well. He's a complete buffoon. Just because you know how to manipulate purchases in big cities as well as the people who spend money in them, doesn't make you a genius.

He's crass and can't stand the fact that someone called him on his behavior. Ass.

At 12 January, 2007 14:42, Blogger Jeannette said...

I used to LOVE Rosie, but haven't in years. As for the bozo, Trump, I have never liked whore.

At 12 January, 2007 22:30, Blogger sassinak said...

dude is richer than croesus and he can't afford a decent hairdresser

enough said

At 13 January, 2007 06:43, Blogger Natalia said...

I am with sass. He needs to, at the very least STOP COMBING IT OVER. And if he can't get something that looks natural, then he should have the decency to cut the hair and accept he is bald.


At 13 January, 2007 06:50, Blogger JMai said...

I'm with Balloon Pirate -- very successful people think they have a license to pontificate about EVERYTHING. So annoying.

And his hair... it's his trademark. Kinda like having a huge ass boil as your trademark, innit?

At 13 January, 2007 08:27, Blogger Blondie said...

OMG--I love the word fucktard. I always want to use it at work but it seems... slightly inappropriate there for some reason.

I feel so sorry for you that you personally knew someone like Trump. Yuck.

Can't wait to hear about the weekend!!

At 13 January, 2007 09:39, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

Here's my beef against Rosie:

Because she called Kelly Ripa on her allegedly homophobic comment re: Clay Aiken (a man, who, btw, isn't even publicly out of the closet)and went on and on about how insensitive Ripa is.
OK, whatevs, Rosie, I kind of think Ripa is entitled not to want anyone's hand on her mouth during cold and flu season and that its reasonable to make a statement like "I don't know where that hand has been" to ANYONE, regardless of age, gender, race, creed, or sexual orientation if you don't want them touching your own personal orificies. Still, Rosie, you're entitled to your opinion. HOwever, Rosie's stupid disingenous dissembling when SHE HERSELF is called out on being racially insensitive during her whole "let me make fun of the way Chinese people talk" debacle. Ugh. I read her message as saying the rest of the world must listen to whatever crap she wants to spew because she's ROSIE, but OTHER PEOPLE can't make comments that SHE HERSELF construes as insensitive??

This REALLY bugged me. (is it obvious?? ha)

Although, Terry, I will agree she is somewhat amusing. I liked it when she called out that weirdo from big bro. BOOGIE!! heh.

Trump ..ryhmes with .. take a dump.

THere you have it.

At 13 January, 2007 14:08, Blogger SignGurl said...

They are both acting like children. Even my ten year old doesn't call names like they have.

I have to admit to being a one time Rosie lover. Now I could vomit when I see her. After I saw her shoot a booger out of her nose on the View, that was the last straw. I'm all for funny, but that was just disgusting!

At 14 January, 2007 12:53, Blogger Reg said...

Yeah, what is his problem? A woman doesn't look like some Eastern European model and therefore it's open season if she happen to have an opinion? Sorry Donny, not everyone wants to be or marry you.


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