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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another iPod meme...

But first, a couple of completely random notes.

Why does the new Bailey's Caramel not taste like caramel at all? It just tastes like Bailey's. Not that that's a bad thing. I'm just saying. Also? The Sidecar is a most excellent cocktail. Especially when made at the place Miss Sassyhair refers to as Favorite Bar.

I went to the South Bay last night for a birthday dinner for my friend Sherri, and I swear, her ten-year-old son has aged three years in the four months since I've last seen him. He doesn't look ten at all. In a very short period of time, he's gone from looking like a little boy to looking like an adolescent and it FREAKS. ME. OUT. Note to my friends' kids: Knock it off with that growing up stuff. It makes me feel ancient.

Is there anything that smells better than bacon frying? I think not. Wonder what would happen if there were a bacon-scented cologne.

Is it wrong that I snickered when Giada de Laurentiis said, "Let's cut some cheese!" on her TV show just now?

Okay, on to to the meme...
Here's the deal: 1. Open your library on your Ipod. 2. Put it on Shuffle. 3. Press Play. 4. For every question, type the song that's playing. 5. When you go to a new question press the Next button. Nat interprets this as something about the story of your life, so I'll go with that.

Opening Credits: "Home," Barenaked Ladies. Ouch. This is one of their bitter songs. Though I guess it could certainly apply to my that sham of a marriage of mine.

Waking Up: "Gold Digger," Kanye West. Oh yeah. This one definitely wakes me up.

Falling In Love: "Hanging by a Moment," Lifehouse. That's an easy call. "Forgetting all I'm lacking/Completely incomplete/I'll take your invitation/You take all of me/Now I'm falling even more in love with you/Letting go of all I've held on to/ I'm standing here until you make me move/I'm hanging by a moment here with you...."

Fight Song: "Crazy in Love," Beyonce. Fight song? Okaaay.

Breakup Song: "The Heart of Life," John Mayer. Yeah. "Pain throws your heart to the ground/Love turns the whole thing around/No it won't all go the way it should/But I know the heart of life is good."

Making Up Song: "So Damn Lucky," Dave Matthews (from his solo album). It's about losing control of a car, but I can see a metaphor in there.

Life's Okay Song: "Take it Back," Barenaked Ladies. Uh, not really. "It's hard enough to stomach/But try to look away/Is this a news report or a trailer for a motion picture?/It all fades to gray..." There are even references to heightened airport security in here. ("Think of all the lives/Saved by plastic knives/It's naive/but make believe/We will never lose/if we remove our shoes...")I don't think this is a "life's okay" song, though I love it.

(Hey, my iPod's not shuffling very well... BNL twice? Well, there is a fair amount of BNL on my iPod...)

Mental Breakdown: "Walk Away," Kelly Clarkson. Yes, I have Kelly Clarkson on my iPod. I love this song. Do you have a problem with that?? Does this song's presence signal a mental breakdown??

Driving: "Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)," Maxwell. I'd rather dance to this than drive to it...

Flashbacks: "Over My Head (Cable Car)," The Fray. Oh yeah. "I never knew/ I never knew that everything was falling through/That everyone I knew was waiting on a queue/To turn and run when all I needed was the truth..."

Happy Dance: "Sumthin' Sumthin'," Maxwell. He makes me want to dance, that's true.

(Again. not shuffling very well... Maxwell again? These are the only two songs of his that are ON my iPod!)

Regret: "Naked Eye," Luscious Jackson. Regret? Yeah, maybe. "With my naked eye/I saw all of the falling rain coming down on me/With my naked eye I saw all/If I said it all, I could be free..."

Final Battle: "Everyday," Dave Matthews Band. "All you need is/All you want is/All you need is/Love..." This is a battle song? Oh. Maybe it's MY battle song.

Death Scene: "Oh," Dave Matthews (solo again). "The world is blowing up/The world is caving in/The world has lost her way again/But you are here with me/But you are here with me/Makes it okay... I love you oh so well/Like a kid loves candy and fresh snow..."

Final Credits: "I Fought the Law," Green Day. Ha. Nice.

Consider yourself tagged, if you want to be!

At 07 January, 2007 21:38, Blogger Love Monkey said...

was Giada de Laurentis smiling down when she said that? She always does the smiling down thing, looks like she's "showing teeth." Funny you should mention bacon smellls - the whole hallway of my building smelled like bacon this afternoon. I think bacon only smells good if it's your bacon. And you are looking forward to bacon. Re: kids and growing - I think boys do that sprouting up thing more than girls. It's scary.

At 07 January, 2007 22:49, Blogger Jon said...

I did it!!!

At 08 January, 2007 02:00, Blogger The Savage said...

Had I an I-pod I would probably give it a shot...
How would you do these if you only had one song on your I-pod?

At 08 January, 2007 05:42, Blogger DZER said...

I might do this later ...

and if you wore bacon perfume, I'd give your neck so many hickies you'd need a blood transfusion!!


At 08 January, 2007 07:00, Blogger Natalia said...

Ohhh cool got some interesting stuff on here. And songs I now want to listen to thanks to your lyrics :)


At 08 January, 2007 14:41, Blogger JMai said...

I think these iPod memes are the coolest thing EVER ... probably beacuse I just got my first one. I did spend the majority of the weekend both up- and downloading songs to it, so it should be primed for this meme, maybe sometime this week!

Maxwell, damn... I haven't thought about that guy in ... ages. And dude, if you have to have Kelly Clarkson on your iPod, that's a good song to have!

At 08 January, 2007 17:35, Blogger Blondie said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm...bacon. Looks like we have both been feeling pretty random lately! :)

At 08 January, 2007 17:50, Blogger terry said...

lovemonkey, giada was definitely showing teeth. she always does. and she was very excited about the cheese, too.
i gotta say, i like the smell of bacon pretty much anywhere. i smelled it in the hallway of MY apartment building, and that's what made me buy some!

jon, i'll have to check it out. i hope your ipod did a better job of shuffling than mine did...!

savage, if you only had one song on your ipod, it would be really easy to do these memes.

dzer, i'm thinking it's time for me to visit a chemist!

nat, i'm kind of amused that my ipod seemed to go for the poppiest songs i have. jeez.

jmai, aren't you loving your ipod? and i think itunes is the greatest. point.. click.. boom! i own another song. actually, that's kind of dangerous...

blondie, this month is feeling pretty random so far...doncha think?

At 08 January, 2007 18:22, Blogger The Savage said...

Sorry 'bout my vid.. it should be available in a little bit.. I forgot it still has a bit of processing to do at You Tube before I brashly posted it.....

At 08 January, 2007 21:31, Blogger Jon said...

Terry... you need to read my meme. I don't have an iPud

At 09 January, 2007 17:04, Blogger SignGurl said...

I don't have an IPod either and my MP3 player doesn't shuffle. Waaaa!

P.S. don't tell anyone, but I like that Kelly Clarkson song too.


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