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Sunday, January 14, 2007

As promised...

So, yeah. Guilty pleasures. I have many. I haven't admitted to most of them here.

Lord knows I wouldn't want to blow that cool cover I have.

Ahahahahahahahahahahaha HA. Yeah. COOL. That's me.

Um.... what was I saying? I probably should have waited until I was finished writing this before choosing a photo. I keep getting distracted for some reason.

Oh. Now I remember. My report on "What I Did Friday Night."

My pal Ellen and I went to see Justin Timberlake in concert. And he did, indeed, bring sexy back. Despite the weird stage set-up (center stage, theatre-in-the-round kind of thing) and seating arrangement (lots of general admission on the floor, and a VIP "dance lounge" closest to the stage), it was a very fun show. Hate all you want, but the boy IS a performer. He can sing. And dance.

Boy can he dance. Oh. My. Goodness. (I'm so glad he's in his mid-20's now, so it makes me look a little less like a dirty old woman than when I used to... uh... admire him when he was younger...). And I am a sucker for men who can dance.

The funniest part of the evening was when I realized a woman I work with -- someone I "supervise," even -- was in the row in front of me! Neither of us knew the other was attending. I felt terrible, like I was cramping her style or something, when she introduced me to her friends as "my boss." Yikes.

Back to JT. It's been funny to watch the evolution of his fan base. Yes, I saw NSync a few times. Okay, several times (c'mon... they were cute and fun and dancy and... just... fun.). And only once was I accompanied by a child. But at least people assumed we were there with young'uns, as there were many, many parents at all those shows. Even on his first solo tour, there were still a fair amount of kids and parents in the crowd.

Friday? I saw no parents. Lots of 20somethings. Some teenagers, but of the older variety. And us, in our 40's. We were definitely the oldest people sitting in our section.

But I'll put my ability to have fun up against some young'uns' any day of the week. It just takes me longer to recover afterwards (especially if the fun happens after a long week of work.). That's what three-day weekends are for!

(Sadly, he did not perform this. I would have wet myself if he had. And special thanks to Savage for calling my attention to this, which is pretty funny. Not as funny as the original, but you fellas will enjoy the cleavage...)

At 14 January, 2007 18:05, Blogger The Savage said...

I know I enjoyed the cleavage!
Who cares if you like Justin Timberlake... even I dance to his stuff...

At 14 January, 2007 19:30, Blogger JMai said...

I am not a very big concertgoer. I don't think I'd know what to do with myself at a JT concert. But I'm glad you had a good time!

At 14 January, 2007 19:59, Blogger nomadshan said...

Heh heh. One of my not-very-secret celebrity crushes. I love seeing him play piano. Yum.

At 14 January, 2007 22:02, Blogger terry said...

i KNEW you enjoyed the cleavage, savage! and i love that you like to dance.

jmai, you'd get up and dance! i know you would. we did.

nomadshan, he plays a lot during this show. and it IS yummy. glad to know i'm not alone with the crushage...

At 15 January, 2007 03:16, Blogger Love Monkey said...

Yeah! I can party with the youngin's too but yes, the next day is a bit harder.

At 15 January, 2007 05:27, Blogger buddha_girl said...

Oh, sister, he is a hottie. No doubt. He's so freaking cut. Jaysus.

I'm gonna see Alpha Dog even if I have to go by myself. It's that simple.

Sooooo glad you had a good time!

At 15 January, 2007 06:33, Blogger Natalia said...

ROTFL...if he had performed the junk in a box thing, I bet you would have peed yourself laughing!


At 15 January, 2007 07:20, Blogger SignGurl said...

LMAO at you being a dirty old woman!

At 15 January, 2007 09:13, Blogger Brooklyn Frank said...

well, at least you can admit your addictions/

At 15 January, 2007 09:50, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

He's pretty hot.

But what happened with him and Cameron Diaz?
Does this have anything to do with Britney and whathis face breaking up?
I think my head is about to explode.

At 15 January, 2007 11:39, Blogger terry said...

lovemonkey, it's especially hard when you've been running on fumes all week...!

buddhagirl, i want to see that movie too! if i hadn't had to dash off so soon the next day, we'd have gone to see it then, to make a fully justined weekend.

nat, i SO would have. maybe it's best he didn't do it...

signgurl, it's the truth! i AM a dirty old woman. yikes!

brooklyn frank, that's true... that IS the first step, right?

cheese, eek. it'd be pretty icky if he ended up back with the britster. supposedly he's hanging with scarlett johansson, so who knows...

At 15 January, 2007 16:19, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

I think I'll start posting pics of hot girls on my blog. I always feel like I'm exploiting them by doing that, but I guess I'll swallow my feminist outrage and do it.

At 15 January, 2007 18:12, Blogger terry said...

pirate, i certainly didn't mean to offend here. but i also think a celebrity who poses for a picture like this for public consumption is exploiting himself.

At 15 January, 2007 19:14, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

I'm not offended, Terry--I'm bemused.


At 15 January, 2007 21:37, Blogger Jon said...

You amaze me. I'd love to see you at the show shakin' that thang... but I wouldn't be caught dead there

At 16 January, 2007 08:56, Blogger cadbury_vw said...

what is this? i commented yesterday.

f*cking blogger


funny video - brilliant send up of their own material

i liked the JT one better - the whole notion of junk in a box is just such a guy thing that it doesn't translate well to a woman


oh, even my techno/hip hop 15 year old son thinks JT is ok (just don't tell anyone)

i think its kind of like admitting to liking abba

embarrassed to admit it, but everyone (pretty much) does

At 17 January, 2007 04:38, Blogger Blondie said...

Justin is HOT. I would love to see that concert. Must investigate tickets now...


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