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Monday, September 04, 2006

Is it me...?

The Bay Area is virtually overflowing with street fairs and festivals. Seems like there's at least one -- if not more -- every weekend, especially in the spring and summer. And I've sampled most of the major ones. Seems like a fun way to spend an afternoon, right?

I hate them. Each and every one I've been to. I believe I'm lacking the street fair appreciation gene. Or am I just a Debbie Downer?

For one thing, they're too crowded. Once, after going to great lengths to get to one, the ex and I left after walking the length of it. It was so crowded, we had to walk (or really, shove our way through) single file. What's fun about that?

For years, after moving here, I was dying to go the Gilroy Garlic Festival. I'm a garlic freak, so it seemed like a perfect fit. The year I finally went, we took the train, because we didn't want to deal with traffic, and it seemed like a fun way to go.

Uh, no. We were so bored -- my mom, the ex and I -- that we wanted to bail after about two hours, but we were trapped. There would be no train home for a few more hours. We ended up in some local dive bar, killing time until we could escape.

They're also overpriced. The artwork and jewelry that's for sale is out of my price range. The food is not worth the price. And the drinks are outrageously expensive.

Then there are the porta potties. 'Nuff said.

Yesterday, I spent a few hours at one, working the booth set up by my new employer. They're one of the sponsors of this particular event, and I agreed to show my team spirit by spending some time there. And I figured that after my designated booth time, I'd take a stroll through the festival grounds. I would already be there, I'd have priority parking... so why not?

I bailed immediately after my time was through. My earlier trips through the crowd to get to the booth and to the porta potties was enough. And the priority parking lot was full, so I ended up parking farther away than I'd expected.

I just need to accept that I'm not the art festival/street fair type, no matter how hard I try.

Now, the Del Mar Fair? That's another story altogether...

At 04 September, 2006 16:15, Blogger buddha_girl said...

1. I hate portapotties. Won't use 'em. Ever.
2. If I have to push my way through people to see ANYTHING, I'm leaving.
3. I'm with you all the way.

At 04 September, 2006 16:16, Blogger The Missouri Savage said...

We may not agree on the weather but we agree on Fair's.. and thanks for reminding me.... I have to attend one next weekend... blegh.. kinda an adopted family obligation....(The guy who's barn I live in in and his extended family has adopted me.... kinda) Blegh!
So it's off to the Old' Settlers crap I get to go next weekend... Dammit!

At 04 September, 2006 16:32, Blogger DZER said...

all's not fair in street fairs ... lol

I don't like crowds ... and I'm with you on the overpriced crap ... bleah!

Every year, Guam has a Liberation Day Carnival and I haven't been in 4 years, because they stopped the casino gambling they allowed there LOL

we also have our share of cultural fairs, closed-off street fairs, etc. ... never go ... LOL

At 04 September, 2006 16:59, Blogger terry said...

buddhagirl, the other thing i notice at these events is that people seem to forget that there are thousands of other people in attendance... and that stopping cold while strolling can be hazardous...!

savage, how big is that event? are you going to be stuck in a ginormous crowd?

dzer, i still think we need to stage an intervention. perhaps the threat of attending street fairs will do the trick... ;)

At 04 September, 2006 17:21, Blogger The Missouri Savage said...

People will be coming in from other states just for the corn dog like thingies at a stand I will be stuck at... about a 2 mile radius will be shut down.. blegh

At 04 September, 2006 17:38, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

I hate frigging fairs too!!

I only like the fogfest.

Other than that, forget it.

I HATE Carnaval!! I know. I suck. I'm sorry but gahhhhhh.

I guess we're not joiners.

At 04 September, 2006 17:59, Blogger cadbury_vw said...

our fairs aren't that crowded, but i usually can't afford any of the stuff

my daughter loves them, so usually i take her for the thrill factor

i hate badly crowded areas - i get severly claustrophic in large crowds

At 04 September, 2006 18:32, Blogger terry said...

savage, that sounds like torture. but the corn dog thingies sound intriguing...

cheese, i'd forgotten all about the fogfest! that is a good one.

cad, i don't do big crowds well either. i need my SPACE!

At 04 September, 2006 20:47, Blogger sassinak said...

see i hate fairs... but i love festivals.

festivals have attendance limits and fences and gates :)

At 05 September, 2006 05:04, Blogger Madame X said...

I hate fairs too...and being a person of small statue they some times scare the crap out of me with their crushing crowds...add my children to the mix and all I can think of is "if there's a mad panic which child do I pick up and run with and which to I hold on to only thier hand?"
I've got a belly ache just thinking about it!

I went to a local garlic festival once...I tried garlic Ice Cream.
The most disgusting thing I've ever put into my mouth! EVER!

At 05 September, 2006 15:18, Blogger JMai said...

Et tu, Terry?

I love street fairs. I grewup in NYC where the neighbourhood Greek Orthodox church throws a fair every spring, and it was always so much fun. That's to say nothing of the gazillion other street fairs held throughout the summer along various small and large thoroughfares and side streets, all over the city. And let's not forget the San Gennaro festival in little Italy.

I admit, you'll see the same vendors at probably each one of them, and they usually are horrendously crowded. But I love the smells and the foods (italian sausage and zeppole and fresh fruit smoothies and candy apples and and and) and the atmosphere.

Now, the portapotties? Uh, no. I won't even use the restroom on a plane unless I'm going transatlantic... and even then... I try to avoid it. They must think I'm hiding something as I peepee dance my way through customs.

At 05 September, 2006 16:21, Blogger SignGurl said...

I hate them! I can't stand crowds and hate the portajohns even more. I did it this past weekend. I hope I'm done for the season.

At 06 September, 2006 18:44, Blogger terry said...

sass, the festivals here, i think, are simply glorified street fairs under a different name.

mx, i actually like garlic ice cream...! it's all buttery.

jmai, you're a stronger person than i am. for liking fairs AND for being able to skip the portapotties.

signgurl, it must be time for these things to be done for the year... right?


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