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Monday, August 28, 2006

Pluto's revenge??

You know, ever since Pluto got snubbed, life's been pretty hinky at work.

The phones went all haywire (and they're weird even when they're "working normally") and even went down for awhile.

We lost internet access for a time.

My computer ate a staff schedule I'd been working on.

People started getting sick.

There were some... uh... challenging staffing issues.

There've been many equipment malfunctions.

Projects that should have been relatively easy to set up turned nightmarish.

Please, science folks, let Pluto be a planet again!

(no, that's not a disco ball.. but a picture of pluto taken by the hubble telescope. the first image that google gave me? was a picture of goofy, the dog. hahahahahaha.)

At 28 August, 2006 21:00, Blogger Jon said...

Here is a better pic:

I hope things un-plutonified soon

At 28 August, 2006 22:56, Blogger cadbury_vw said...

and i thought your relationship with that planet was purely plutonic...

i hadn't realised the gravity of the situation

i hope things in your world spin back into their proper orbit soon

yeah... lame... it's late

At 29 August, 2006 00:51, Blogger The Missouri Savage said...

Hmmmmm That explains a lot.... a lot of what? I don't know.. but it does explain a lot...

At 29 August, 2006 04:28, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

stupid astronomers! grr.

We must rally to get Pluto re-planetized.

Our Scorpio friends are reeling about all discombobulated with this insult to their ruling planet.
And everyone knows Scorpios are all about revenge.

This is a worrisome situation indeed.

At 29 August, 2006 05:11, Blogger DZER said...

R.I.P. Pluto the planet ...

the Disney reference reminds me of one of my favorite jokes:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are in Divorce Court.

The judge says, "Mr. Mouse, you say you want a divorce because your wife is crazy?"

Mickey responds, "No, your honor. I said she's FUCKING GOOFY!"


At 29 August, 2006 06:46, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

If that's not a disco ball, then why is the song "Skyjack your love" playing in the back of my head right now?

No, I suspect you DON'T know that song, do you?

Did you perhance see Bill Maher's take on the whole issue at the end of Real Time? Hilarious.


At 29 August, 2006 06:48, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

Oh, and yes, I did get Joe Sedelmaiers autograph. I had it framed and hung it on my wall.



At 29 August, 2006 14:11, Blogger JMai said...

What's this? Pluto no longer a planet?? Is it horribly sad that I get my news from Terry's blog???

And I was just saying how I was so proud of myself that I started listening to the news in the mornings. Apparently Fidel's failing health and the imminent tropical storm/hurricane take precendece over Pluto's demotion...

...or MAYBE those things are happening as a result of poor Pluto's demotion!

At 29 August, 2006 14:12, Blogger JMai said...

PS Terry -- did Google give you an image of Goofy when you searched for Pluto? I'm just checking cause they're both Disney dogs and that would be a grievous error on Google's part.

At 29 August, 2006 17:38, Blogger SignGurl said...

OMG! You've just named almost every problem I've had at work too. I hadn't thought about it being Pluto's fault or rather those damned astronomers.

Our phones are still wacky.

At 29 August, 2006 19:22, Blogger terry said...

but jon, i LIKE the disco-ball pic...

cadbury, plutonic made me snort...! funny.

savage, i'm dying to know what it explains.

yikes, cheese, i hadn't even thought about the revenge of the scorpios. uhoh...

dzer, i love that joke..!

pirate, can you hum a few bars? and i missed bill maher.
i still think i'm far dorkier than you are.

jmai, i'm glad to be of service. pluto has been demoted. and i'm an idiot, because the picture was indeed of PLUTO, and not goofy. duh...

signgurl, i'm relieved it's not just me. and today was another crazy day...


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