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Saturday, August 26, 2006

A dream come true...

Make one of your own here.

At 26 August, 2006 16:21, Blogger The Missouri Savage said...

That's funny.. I love it.. But I wanted to be your love slave....

At 26 August, 2006 16:50, Blogger DZER said...

I just knew you would misuse this ... I think Stephen might put you on the Threatdown, right after bears!


At 26 August, 2006 17:10, Blogger the shrewness said...

i have one of those too!!

are you replacing anthony bourdain?? the horror!!

so glad to see your post!

At 26 August, 2006 17:12, Blogger buddha_girl said...

Love it! Love it!

BTW I saw Anthony Bourdain on Miami Ink the other night. I almost fell over dead!

At 26 August, 2006 18:19, Blogger terry said...

well, savage, i'm still entertaining offers... ;)

dz, clearly, i belong on the threatdown. i was having way too much fun playing with that thing before i decided on the final look.

shrew, tony's still high on my list. definitely. i'm just spreading the love. or the mental illness.

and buddhagirl, i saw a promo for that episode, and the first thing i thought was, HEY, WHO IS THAT WOMAN??
i need help. clearly.

At 26 August, 2006 18:22, Blogger SignGurl said...

Glad everything is going well for you. You've been missed!

At 26 August, 2006 18:23, Blogger terry said...

aww, thanks signgurl! i love your new profile pic, by the way.

At 26 August, 2006 21:48, Blogger Queen of Cheese said...

Okay my vacation is over and so is yours.

So get going with some reg'lar entries.

I need things to read while slacking at work and I depend on you.

Thank you.

At 27 August, 2006 05:51, Blogger JMai said...

Lol @ " I knew you would misuse this."

Go get him, Terry!

At 27 August, 2006 09:36, Blogger terry said...

geez, cheese... you're so demanding...! slacker.

jmai, dzer was right, wasn't he??

At 27 August, 2006 12:15, Blogger Suze said...

Terry, you have been a busy girl!
Hope you are having a great weekend.


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