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Friday, May 05, 2006

Not exactly my ideal Friday night...

There I was, sitting on the couch, finishing up my second glass of wine (a fine vintage of Two-Buck Chuck), wiping the tears from my eyes after yet another great episode of "Six Feet Under" (yeah yeah, I've seen 'em all more than once already... shut up), when, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw something moving.

No, I think. It can't be. It's not Sunday night. I'm just really tired and could be hallucinating.

A few seconds later? Yep. There's Reynaldo...scampering from behind my loveseat to the area behind my TV set. The same path he took the first time we met.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to re-bait and move those worthless traps a third time, but no... it's just been done.

I chatted with my neighbors for a little while this afternoon (Tim's back from the hospital, by the way, looking thin and frail, but his prognosis is good) and they offered to loan me one of their cats for an evening. I might just take them up on that.

But if he brings me a dead mouse, I really WILL vomit.

(Do you have any idea how many times I've had to stop typing, during the course of this post, to scratch something?? GAAAH.)

At 06 May, 2006 00:26, Blogger sassinak said...

my cat hid a dead mouse under her blanket once.

who moves a cat blanket when they clean?

yeah not me. imagine my surprise when i found a mouse stuck to the floor many moons later.

mmmm so delish

At 06 May, 2006 06:43, Blogger JMai said...

Sass -- ew! At least it doesn't appear to have been stinking up your place.

Terry -- you are going to have to do something about this mouse issue. The glue traps and the snappy traps are no good -- too inhumane. Call the exterminator to see what can be done.

Of course if you've seen the Hitchiker's Guide, then you know that mice are the smartest creatures on earth, and you should not kill them.

And I love 6 feet under! Can you believe that I STILL have not seen the final episode? I can never stick to a schedule and every time I turned on the tv I would catch it in the middle and I have strict rules about that so what do I do? I suffer! I see they're doing reruns now though, I should figure out the schedule and try to watch.

At 06 May, 2006 09:35, Blogger DZER said...

there's a mouse in the house!!

and a wocket in my pocket!!

At 06 May, 2006 12:31, Blogger terry said...

sass, that's just.... horrifying. almost as bad as the queen of cheese's story about finding a mouse in her BED.

fucking bleah.

jmai, i agree about the glue traps and the snappy traps.. which is why i have those little enclosed things, which are supposed to more humane.. but also seem to be worthless. i also think i need to move my TV today to see what's going on back there... BLEAH!

omigod, you MUST watch the final SFU episode. i think the final season's out on DVD now. and if you can get through the last one without crying, you're a stronger person than i am!

dzer, i'm sending this mouse to you. i think he'd be happier in guam.

At 06 May, 2006 13:38, Blogger buddha_girl said... you think the fact that you saw Reynaldo after watching "Six Feet Under" MIGHT be a precursor to his very demise?

Think positive, woman! That rodent is a dead man!

At 06 May, 2006 15:49, Anonymous Reynaldo the Mouse said...

My Flower--

Listen not to these so-called friends! What do they know of true love? They are dog people, or [*shudder*] cat people.

Whom Fate has brought together, let no mere mortal tear asunder!

Besides, if you banish me from your home, what will become of my 17 mouse children living in the wall of your closet?

At 06 May, 2006 19:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's there's one mouse, there's many, I learned the hard way after trying to be humane. Now I am still cleaning up mouse poop almost 6 months later. And hoping they don't come back!

At 06 May, 2006 22:01, Blogger terry said...

buddha girl, i like the way you think!

reynaldo... oh, reynaldo. it's time for you to go. and to take your 17 little ones with you. there's nothing for you here. really. you must. go now.

anon, that's exactly what i'm worried about...! i guess i should be glad i've only seen one, so far?

At 07 May, 2006 01:36, Blogger sassinak said...

i still say try the sonic thing... it's working in a freaking farm house.

either way it sucks dude.

At 07 May, 2006 05:28, Blogger DZER said...

that's now $1 you owe me for the "fucking bleahâ„¢" usage!

and the snakes on Guam will love it!

At 07 May, 2006 07:45, Blogger JMai said...

Terry, I can't even get through a hallmark commercial without crying!

At 07 May, 2006 10:10, Blogger nomadshan said...

I say if the neighbors have offered their cat, go for it!

At 07 May, 2006 15:06, Anonymous Jeannette said...

I'm with nomadshan. I vote for the cat.

At 08 May, 2006 04:42, Blogger Madame X said...

Though...ya gotta make sure the cat is a MOUSE KILLER!!!
I have two cats, one is a killer and the other is a wounder.
He wounds the mouse brings it to me and expects ME to kill it.
I read somewhere that he is trying to train ME to be a killer.
How nice, right?
Get a mouse killer cat and a pair of barbeque tongs (used ONLY for dead mouse removal!).

Did you know if you go to a shelter to adopt a cat and you tell them you are getting a cat to get rid of your mice they won't let you adopt the cat?!?!
Yeah...cruelty to animals!
Friggin mice ain't animals!
They are vermin!

At 08 May, 2006 09:39, Blogger terry said...

sass, i gotta go look for those. i haven't had a chance yet, but i will.

dzer, how about i just buy you a cocktail the next time you're in SF?

jmai, me either...! you'll love the SFU finale.

nomadshan and jeannette, i think i might have gus pay me a visit this week.

madame, that's hilarious...your cat training you!


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