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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Reason # 756 that I am a dork...

Okay, remember when I wrote this?

I'm wearing that same blouse today, and it may be the first time I've had it on since last October. It's kind of a springy/summery kind of thing, and the weather's finally right for clothes like that.

Apparently, I never bothered to fix those little holes.

Something I just discovered, oh, about halfway through my work day.

Yeah. Classy. That's me.

I made a(nother) horrifying discovery yesterday: a mouse dropping.




I suppose I should be grateful it was just a single dropping... but I'm still icked out. No sign of the little bugger himself, though. I'm starting to believe that he's just a weekend visitor, which makes it all the more challenging to wipe him off the face of the earth.

And thanks for all your mouse-fighting suggestions. I'm going to start trying them very soon.

As soon as I stop retching. And scratching.

At 02 May, 2006 15:55, Anonymous Jeannette said...

There are many days in which your blog just makes me laugh and today was another perfect example; holy blouse, mice poop...all in one blog!

Who could ask for any more entertainment?

I wish you no more holes and no more mice. Good luck!

At 02 May, 2006 17:38, Blogger sassinak said...

well, i bet no one even noticed since they're small and around the armpit?

At 02 May, 2006 18:53, Blogger buddha_girl said...

Ok...listen up. I have two pieces of advice tonight:

1. Throw out the blouse. G'head. Give in. No way can you 'mend' teeny holes. (Did I just use the word 'mend?')

2. Since we have standardized testing looming on the fucking horizon, I cannot send W to help you with your Mouse Debacle. Instead, I will recommend, old-fashioned snappy traps. Forget the glue ones. They can run over those suckers if they're fast enough. Slide a little peanut butter on it and wait for the SNAPPPPPPP.

Don't put too much. Those fucking rodents are SLY.

They'll nibble and run. You have to make them work for that stuff!

At 02 May, 2006 19:06, Blogger JMai said...

What do you suppose made those weird little holes? Is it fixable?

I hate when I forget to fix things/wash things and then I put them on in the morning and of course I'm in a rush and I look down and go ahhhhhhhh and then have to find a whole new outfit.

Mouse droppings are icky. Seriously.

At 02 May, 2006 19:48, Anonymous Reynaldo the Mouse said...


Can you not see that I adore you with all of my tiny mousey heart? It goes pitter-patter whenever you're near (which is more often than you think)! Sometimes at night, when you're sleeping peacefully, I park my fuzzy haunches on your pillow just to gaze at you, my cross-species soulmate!

But you must win my trust if you want to lure me into the open. And I don't really like peanut butter. Maybe some ripe brie.

At 02 May, 2006 21:22, Blogger Jon said...

Reynaldo fucking cracked me up.

OK, post a pick of you in your wholly blouse. Do you wear it to church? Man I am funny... not tonight, but sometimes I am... really

At 02 May, 2006 23:29, Blogger DZER said...

I am betting that the little mouse is chewing little holes in your blouses ;)

At 03 May, 2006 02:51, Blogger Suze said...

Terry, I'll loan you my pussy if you like. Top tip mice love chocolate.

At 03 May, 2006 17:54, Blogger buddha_girl said...

Holy crap...I simply adore Reynaldo!! He said HAUNCHES...and I immediately shuddered. What a thought!

If you wake up and see a rodent watching you with adoring eyes...smash his ass.

At 03 May, 2006 18:01, Blogger terry said...

jeannette, i take that as a huge compliment... especially now, as you're stressing about peha. i do hope he's back to normal soon.

sass, you're right. these little tears are pretty small, and around the arm. so i don't think anyone noticed. if they did, they were kind enough not to point them out to me...

buddhagirl, the little tears are fixable -- they're along seams, so i just have to sit down and do a little sewing.

and i'm convinced i'll take my own hand off, with a snappy trap. but i'm just about ready to put every kind of trap i can find throughout my home to catch the little bugger...

jmai, i think the fabric on this blouse is just a tad more delicate than i am... so if gets wedged under the strap of my workbag, the seams seem (hah)to come apart in a couple of spots. it's weird.

and i can't tell you how many times i get to work and notice some weird shmutz (sp?) on my clothing. before i've had a chance to spill anything on it that day, which is also inevitable.
and yes... mouse droppings??? aaaaauuagh!

okay, reynaldo, that was frigging hilarious... but do you think it makes me happy to know you've been in my bed? and apparently, on my computer, too?? if you really loved me, you'd leave. no, really. you should go. and do it before i see you again, or the heartbreak will just be too much to handle.

jon, there will be no pics of the wholly holy holey blouse. i'm living in the last century, as i still have no digital camera...! pathetic, no?

dzer, eeuw. just EEUW.

suze, i'm not sure i want to waste good chocolate on this mouse. should i??

At 03 May, 2006 18:15, Blogger terry said...




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