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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Could it be...?

As I was walking into my apartment building this afternoon, after work and a very frustrating trip to Trader Joe's (how can they be out of my bread? and my favorite chocolate treat? AND yeast? AND triple sec??? fer crying out loud), I saw it.

Outside the door that leads to my building's trash chute.

It was gross.


It was a decomposing mouse carcass.

I haven't seen that little fucker* Reynaldo, nor any sign that he's been here (yes, I mean poopy droppings) for... uh... when did I last mention him? More than a week ago?

Has he actually met his maker? Without my direct involvement?

Or have I just tempted the fates, by mentioning this at all?

*that was just for you, bobo!

At 17 May, 2006 01:32, Blogger DZER said...

the mouse is dead!

long live the mouse!

At 17 May, 2006 07:31, Blogger terry said...

here's hoping, dz...

At 17 May, 2006 09:56, Blogger buddha_girl said...

Ooooooooooh your boyfriend is DEAD?


Worse than the mouse incident is going to ANY restaurant that's out of bread. It's simply not acceptable. Poor Terry!

At 17 May, 2006 10:40, Blogger terry said...

i'm not sure it's him, buddhagirl, but i have my fingers crossed...

and this was actually a grocery store that was out of my bread. and since it's the only gluten-free variety they carry...i was annoyed.

At 17 May, 2006 13:02, Blogger buddha_girl said...

Shit. You gotta know that I must live in some sorta hole if I didn't know it was a grocery store.

I am an official dumbass today.

Grocery store or not, I'm still pissed for ya.

At 17 May, 2006 13:44, Blogger terry said...

bg, you're never a dumbass. and considering the day you had yesterday, i'm amazed you're functioning at all!

At 17 May, 2006 19:22, Blogger JMai said...

Poor lil mouse. But hey -- mouse-free without guilt! That's a good Wednesday!

Trader Joe's, I wish they would open one of those down here. I love their balsamic vinaigrette. I still have a bottle that I've been saving forever. I think I should chuck it; I've been living in Florida for 6 years.

Hey!! What's with the word verification?? I'm retarded and I can never read them right!

At 17 May, 2006 19:30, Anonymous bobe said...

thank you for the little fucker comment mama. you know how much i love that! :-)

reynaldo...although i never met you, i'll miss you.

At 18 May, 2006 07:26, Blogger terry said...

poor little mouse?? he did not belong in my home... but in his own little mouse home. wherever that is. was.

jmai, i don't know what i'd do without trader joe's. it's become an addiction.

and i turned the word verification back on after getting 40 spam comments in one day. i hate it too, believe me.

and bobe, if i have another rodent visitor, i'll be sure to send him your way.


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