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Thursday, November 08, 2007


A peek into the last couple of weeks:

Hula classes, twice a week.

Two hula shows, including a gala dinner.

A separate weeknight outing with my hula brothers and sisters. (I actually hula'd in public. Eek!)

A day of wine-tasting.

A wine-sodden, work-related banquet, where I (and my co-workers) managed to piss some people off. Oops.

A wine-sodden* Oakland Raiders game, in the extreme heat. Okay, it felt extreme, sitting in the hot sun with no breeze whatsoever. Did I mention that was the day after the aforementioned banquet?

A weeknight dinner at a colleague's house, the same day I spent many hours in that nun's habit.

A weeknight outing to celebrate the engagement of a friend.

A weeknight performance of American Ballet Theatre, across the Bay. (Omigod, they were amazing. SO glad I went, despite my state of crabby exhaustion. Got to see a ballet I've wanted to see for decades, and it was fantastic.)

Very, very busy days at work... VERY. I spent a couple of days doing someone else's job while also trying to do my own. FUN.

I have hardly been home. I am so tired I want to throw up.

I am so happy I have a massage scheduled for Sunday morning.


*remember, i can't drink beer. hello, glass o'gluten! if i could, you wouldn't find me drinking wine at a sporting event. sheesh.

At 08 November, 2007 23:23, Blogger Jon said...

OK, now I feel bad for bitching about how busy I have been lately.

But some of that stuff sounded like GREAT fun. I know I'm a guy, but I would go to a ballet. I does gotz sum kulchur.

At 09 November, 2007 10:29, Blogger terry said...

oh, jon, it's definitely been fun... except for all the extreme busy-ness at work... but it's still tiring. i've had no down time.

hey, next time you're here, i might drag you to a ballet! many men -- even straight ones -- attend.

At 09 November, 2007 14:12, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

Wow. Sounds a lot like my last few weeks.

Except, of course, I don't live in San Francisco, and all of my events seem centered around preteens.

Outside of that...yeah, pretty much exactly the same.


At 10 November, 2007 06:17, Blogger The Savage said...

You've had Red Bridge yes? It's a gluten free beer from the Anheiser-Busch....
But hey.. I loves me some wine.... I'd drink it at a Raiders game.

At 10 November, 2007 07:54, Blogger terry said...

pirate, i'm guessing those pre-teen centric events were fun, tho.

savage, yes, i've had red bridge. i have some in my fridge, in fact. i have yet to find it outside of whole foods, tho. they're not serving it at the coliseum.

At 10 November, 2007 09:41, Blogger Reg said...

It sounds like you've been crazy!! Copious amounts of wine might be a bit heady. Have you considered wine spritzers? Pffff haahahahah! Just kidding! :)


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