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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I've done it again. And I'm regretting it.

Yes, I've stepped back into the world of online dating. This was in the interest of putting a message out to the universe, inviting some momentum into this part of my life, yada yada yada. Whatevs.

And I have one question for you: what is it with some men and run-on sentences?? It seems that nearly every dude I've heard from has a profile (or composes email) that's nothing but one long sentence with tons of misspelled words and no real point. I'm sorry, but this stuff matters to me. I'm a sucker for a clever, well-written mash note.

It was funny for awhile there. I mean, REALLY the point where I'd practically pee my pants reading profiles/emails. Now I'm just bored with it. I'm still exchanging emails with one guy who actually READ what I wrote about myself (a rarity!) and what I'm seeking, but I'm bored with this getting-to-know-you conversation already.

As I said... meh. What was I thinking?

At 17 October, 2007 11:14, Blogger sassinak said...

okcupid has gotten a lot better since you can see the 'recent stalkers' which is the people who have looked at your profile lately

but online dating is still hell on earth...

i dunno dude, i dated thirty losers to meet one nice man...

At 17 October, 2007 21:33, Blogger terry said...

here's the thing, sass... it doesn't matter what site i use. i've tried 'em all. it's the method itself. it's backwards and weird.

interestingly, i'm finding there really IS less attention to women over 40 online. the last time i did this in earnest, i was on the other side of 40... and even with crappier pictures than i have now, i had many more choices.

now, quantity isn't quality... i get that. really. i'd rather not wade through all the emails from trolls, frankly.

but i'm not seeing much of either.

At 19 October, 2007 11:23, Blogger sassinak said...

well it's funny but i never had any luck with the men mailing me... the good ones all needed me to mail them for some reason...

and all of them told me that they had had universally bad experience making the first move online.

my sister emailed her husband first too.... so *shrug* your mileage may vary?


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