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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A couple of plugs...

I'm one of those people who has tons of books around, but little time to read them. (Perhaps if I'd turn off the computer, I'd have more time for these books...) But that doesn't stop me from buying more books. I love to read.

Let me recommend a couple I've just bought, because they're authored by people who are in my blogroll.

"Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair, " by Crazy Aunt Purl (also known as Laurie Perry). If you don't read her blog, you're missing out. You know I don't knit -- I am the least crafty person I know, because I have absolutely no patience for things at which I suck. But Laurie's a hilarious writer who has also written some incredibly poignant stuff on her blog about her divorce. I could feel her pain (and certainly relate to it). And more often than not, she makes me laugh out loud. I'd love to share some wine with her one day. Go read her blog right now. And see how long you can resist buying the book.

"Gluten-Free Girl," by Shauna James Ahern, aka... you guessed it... the Gluten-Free Girl. She is such a gifted writer that one of my friends who does NOT have Celiac reads this blog. It's not just about the food, though I feel like she's given me a gift by showing me new things to try. All those gluten-free places I've tried in New York I learned about from her. Shauna has just gotten married, and she regularly moves me to tears with the tales of her relationship with her Chef. Their story is beyond sweet (and he's made his restaurant completely gluten-free because of her). I can't adequately explain why I'm such a fan of hers; just go click on that blog link now and see for yourself.

These are two books I'll definitely be making time for. Just as soon as I post this...

At 14 October, 2007 19:56, Blogger Heidi the Hick said...

I think Crazy Aunt Purl's book title is one of the best titles EVER!

At 14 October, 2007 22:06, Blogger terry said...

heidi, isn't it?? it's very her.

i can't wait to plug your book one day.

At 15 October, 2007 05:43, Blogger SignGurl said...

I hear you about not finding much time to read. I have to force myself to shut off the computer at night so I can read a real book. I've been reading a 700 page book for a month. I've got to finish soon since it's a library book...gah!

At 15 October, 2007 19:05, Blogger Laura said...

I too have been feeling like I never have time to read. Then I realized that if I read instead of being on my computer...VOILA!


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