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Sunday, September 23, 2007

I have the greatest friends, chapter 319...


I was having an awfully "bleh" day yesterday. Really tired -- I was awakened a few hours after going to bed by the most excruciating inner-thigh cramp EVER (hula + walking + not enough sleep/muscle resting time = OWWWWWfuck). I was feeling out of sorts... and just didn't feel like doing much of anything (and I seem to have unwittingly gotten back on the caffeine roller coaster... dammit...and since I don't usually do any caffeine on weekends...well... bleh.). I got a couple of things done that I needed to do, but I didn't even want to go shopping for a new raincoat. You KNOW I'm off my game when I don't want to go clothes shopping. Or shoe shopping.

After dragging my ass downtown to retrieve my car (I'd left it at work the night before, while I went out to dinner and cocktails with a friend) and dragging my ass through Trader Joe's (nice and uncrowded on a Saturday evening) I came home to find a small package on my doorstep from my dear pal Kim:

Oh. My. GOD. How awesome are those? The "free toy inside!" is that little pig you see in front of the box. And on top, the package proclaims that these are "accoutrements for first aid."

I laughed, I clapped my hands with glee, I snorted... and immediately felt worlds better.

As I told her, I kinda want to give myself a paper cut, just so I can use one.

Thanks, Kimmy!!

You can have your own bacon strips!

At 23 September, 2007 15:05, Blogger Angela said...

I HAVE THOSE!! Well technically I got them for Ole ... but I think I love them more than he does.

I wore one the other day ... and I didn't really need to....

At 23 September, 2007 23:00, Blogger Jon said...

That is too damn funny!!!

At 24 September, 2007 08:39, Blogger cadbury_vw said...

i need some of those

really bad

my son (15) uses bandages on his face at night to keep his anti-zit cream from getting rubbed off

i need to make sure those are the only bandages in the house...

At 24 September, 2007 13:24, Blogger sassinak said...

oh man
oh man
oh man


(i always crash after vacations fyi)

At 24 September, 2007 13:43, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...


When I was an actor, everyone called me a ham, so would these be considered flesh-colored?


At 24 September, 2007 14:44, Blogger SignGurl said...

Those are the coolest band-aids ever!!

At 24 September, 2007 15:00, Blogger Chelle said...

LOL I have never seen those before!! That is just way too cool!! I need some of those.....if for no other reason than to embarrass my kids when they ask for a bandaid!! lol

At 24 September, 2007 22:34, Blogger Reg said...

Those are frickin' awesome! Where did she get them? As a vegetarian, those would be so cool to wear!!!

At 24 September, 2007 23:12, Blogger Laura said...

aww! its sucha nice little surprise to have a package waiting for you! HINT. MOM. HINT. WHERE ARE MY DAMN CARE PACKAAGES?!?!
haha you and the paper cut reminded me og when i was little. I used to put on band aids even though i ad no cuts or anything. i liked how they looked.

At 25 September, 2007 06:35, Blogger Natalia said...

Little things like that can totally make your day. Loves it!



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