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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell yeah...

Hell YEAH.

Great show. Awesome show. Not-so-great seats. We kept trying to convince ourselves that the sound mix was much better in our seats this time than in the ninth row, where we were for one show last year. And it's true; the sound was crystal clear. Ohhh, that voice.

Except the view was so much better last year. Ohhh, those eyebrows*. Le sigh...

And now, I'm completely spoiled. A couple of my colleagues are also big DMB fans, and they have really good connections, so at the last minute, they were able to rustle up a limo for us and five friends.


I used to think people who took limos to concerts were lame posers. Ummm...

No traffic to deal with. No parking to deal with. No long, arduous hike from the giant, faraway, seemslikeit'sontheothersideoftheBay dirt lot with no signage (no joke - you have to study the topography of the land to find your car again). And we got to enjoy some adult beverages on the ride there.

I'm not exaggerating when I say going to a sold-out show at this place can be a pain in the ass. This time? Pretty painless.

Of course, this also meant relinquishing control and getting there a tad late. You should have seen how fast Sherri and I left the limo area and hustled to our seats, once we realized the boys were already on stage.**

I don't want to wait another year before their return. Waaaah...

photo borrowed from

*i can't explain this to you. you have to see it. the man has the sexiest eyebrows around. and he knows how to use them. once, he did the thing he does when the camera was in tight on his face, and i swear, sherri and i both swooned and we grabbed each other like pre-teenagers. he has that effect on us.
**luckily, we only missed one tune. whew. i know. i'm a freak.

At 03 October, 2007 06:33, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

Eyebrows--the new erogenous zone. Who'da thunk it...


At 03 October, 2007 12:59, Blogger terry said...

i don't know if they're erogenous, pirate, but what he does with them is... uh... i can't explain. i just can't.

At 04 October, 2007 16:22, Blogger The Savage said...

I must possess eyebrows such as Dave's then... I must!!!!


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