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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Que bueno!

So I was all set to write about my tax ordeal -- that was mostly of my own making -- but that's boring. Suffice it to say I will never again wait until two days before the deadline to start on my returns. I've never done it before, and I'll never do it again. Yeeek.

So. The guilty pleasure. That would be one Ricky Martin, who I saw in concert again last week. Sigh... Laugh if you must, but he was a pure delight after a late night the night before, and a 10-hour work day. I don't think I can explain how much fun he is on stage. You just have to see him for yourself. He puts on a hell of a show, and it's not just the women (and men) who think he's hot who enjoy it. There's always a very diverse crowd at his shows (the ones I've gone to, anyway) and everyone's having a ball. And now that he's not the most popular thing on the planet, he can do more interesting things in concert... and he did. I'm especially fond of the songs he sings in Spanish, as he just sounds better in his native tongue.

And yeah....he looked good. He knows it, too. He strikes all these poses that are, on the one hand, totally cheesy... but on the other, have their desired effect. Oh BOY. My friend and I kept shaking our heads in amazement every time. And she's not even a big fan, though all she can do now is sigh when anyone asks her about the show. Good times.

Plus, he was awfully sweet to me when I dorked it up all over him a couple of years ago. (This picture sucks, but it doesn't matter.)

Gay... bi.... facial hair or no... stupid thing on his head or not... I don't care! He's more fun than I can say.


At 23 April, 2007 03:49, Blogger The Savage said...

I remember when my sister was pouring all over him when he was in Menudo....

At 23 April, 2007 04:37, Blogger Blondie said...

Whatever it takes, baby. And you even have a picture with him!!! That makes you muy cool. I love celebrities.

At 23 April, 2007 06:39, Blogger Natalia said...

He is one hot piece of meat...whether he likes boys or girls...or both. And he is a good entertainer. That's really what matters, isn't it?


At 23 April, 2007 08:27, Blogger DZER said...

the question is ... did he bang, he bang?


At 23 April, 2007 13:13, Blogger Heidi the Hick said...

Now why would you feel guilty about him? Never be ashamed! Get out there and say it!

I love Ricky!!!!

See? Not so bad eh?

At 23 April, 2007 14:38, Blogger terry said...

oh, fer crying out loud... blogger ate my responses!

savage, that's funny. i'm happy to report that i wasn't into him when he was a child... and i was... umm...not a child.

blondie, i AM muy cool.

i even got to dork it up with another of my idols today. more later.

nat, exactly. he can be with whomever he wants.. as long as he keeps getting up on stage and doing what he does.

dz, he's always bangin'. (but no, he didn't sing that song... which, i think, has been forever ruined...)

heidi, i DO love ricky ! i was just pointing out all the things people like to say to me when i admit that.

he's marvy.

At 26 April, 2007 05:11, Blogger Chelle said...

I saw him in concert a few years ago!! OMG what a show!!! You are, women...everyone enjoyed it!! He is just so full of energy and sooo much fun on stage! How lucky are you to have a pic with him!! hehe


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