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Monday, April 30, 2007


I have stuff to write about... but no time... and definitely no energy...

Back soon.

EDITED TO ADD: Oh, now I know why we pay those extravagant service charges on concert tickets.

It's so we can get emails with the subject line "Your tickets have been printed!"

(yeah, I'm old school. I like tickets and not paper print-outs.)

Wow. Thanks. I'm so excited about that. I couldn't have gone another day without that information.

Just send me the damn things, okay??

At 30 April, 2007 14:27, Blogger The Savage said...

At least its a new post....

At 30 April, 2007 14:52, Blogger terry said...

savage, you're easy to please!

At 01 May, 2007 05:29, Blogger Michael B said...

what? is there news going on or something?

At 01 May, 2007 07:20, Blogger Natalia said...

Um...I still don't know who you are so anxious to go see.


At 01 May, 2007 09:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who ya goin to see now? *sigh* the perks of not living in the boonies... sometimes i wish *I* lived in the city... then I think.. ugh living in the city, all the people and traffic... I dont think midweek concerts can balance that out *L*

At 01 May, 2007 21:52, Blogger terry said...

michael... hahahahahahaha. no, there's nothing going on at all!

nat and chrissie, i'm seeing joss stone.

and chrissie, the key to avoiding most of the traffic (most of the time, anyway) is to actually live IN the city!

no getting away from the people, but i'm cool with that.

At 04 May, 2007 07:30, Blogger Natalia said...

Ohhh I love her.



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