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Saturday, March 24, 2007

I heart my City...

...a photo essay. (Also, proof that I went for a walk after work last evening!*)

The Ferry Building. Historic and beautiful, especially since it was refurbished a few years ago. Not sure who these girls are supposed to be -- maybe I should get closer and see if there's a plaque, duh -- but they sure look cool.
Not Hills Brothers anymore. Now houses offices and a very yuppified eatery. See that striped post on the left? Those are all over the Embarcadero, and have historical information and pictures on them.
Our fireboat. We didn't have one of these before the 1989 earthquake.
Bay Bridge. If you look closely enough, on the other side of the island, you can see the other, less picturesque half of the bridge, which is being replaced for seismic reasons.

At 24 March, 2007 16:57, Blogger Jon said...

Ya, the Bay Bridge needs to be replaced, but I think it's very cool to be able to cross such a long bridge. An old girlfriend of mine would have FREAKED. She is terrified of going over a bridge.

At 24 March, 2007 17:59, Blogger terry said...

jon, we ALL got a little freaked about crossing bridges after the '89 quake... when part of the top deck came down on the lower deck.


At 25 March, 2007 15:47, Blogger Natalia said...

Ohhh I do love myself some SF.



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