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Monday, March 12, 2007

I am such an idiot...

I thought my fridge was on the fritz today.

Here's what it looks like on the outside. You might say it's cluttered; I find it entertaining. There's loads of reading material here. And cool magnets from fun places I've been. And postcards showing places I like. And cool artwork on the right there from the Queen of Cheese, not to mention the fine works of some very young friends of mine.
  • Anyway. I noticed that the water and OJ I poured for myself this morning was a bit on the tepid side, as was the milk for my cereal. I thought perhaps it just seemed warm because my whole apartment was warm. And I was warm.
  • Remember how I was whining about how cold I was not long ago? Yeah, well, now I'm sweating my chi chi's off. These old buildings aren't very well insulated, and we're having a nice little warm spell. Which means my apartment becomes like a terrarium, and gets a little toastier than I'd like. It makes sleeping challenging. But I digress...

  • Then I started to worry that perhaps my fridge was actually dying. I could still hear the motor running, but it wasn't as loud as usual. I had no idea what to do about it, and I had to get to work, so I hoped for the best.
  • I'm not sure what made me open my freezer this evening... Oh! Yes, I do. I was getting a couple of pieces of bread so I could make some toast for dinner (don't ask) and I noticed that some of the frozen fish I just bought was starting to thaw out.
  • Here's the inside of the freezer. Yes, there's more vodka behind that nearly empty bottle on the left. Are you surprised?
  • Quelle horreur! I just bought a bunch of fish and the last thing I needed was to have it all spoil on me now.
  • Then I moved the fish in question and the freezer engine suddenly got much louder, and I felt a blast of cold air. Seems that when I went into the freezer last night, I cleverly rearranged things so that I blocked the vent or something along those lines.


(say that in a Napoleon Dynamite voice)

  • At least I didn't lose any fish. Whew.

  • Hey, aren't these pretty?

It's the bouquet that's been brightening up my living room for the past few days. It's so pretty I just had to share.*
*yes, i bought it myself.

At 13 March, 2007 01:53, Blogger The Savage said...

Simple solutions to seemingly complex problems... and I quote, "It aint got no gas in it."

At 13 March, 2007 05:10, Blogger Blondie said...

That sounds exactly like something that would happen to me, but I wouldn't notice until the fish had come back to life and was flopping on the floor.

The flowers--so beautiful. I think I will buy myself a bouquet, too. Good idea!!!!

At 13 March, 2007 06:56, Blogger Balloon Pirate said...

Glad you didn't lose your fish. I hear enough about the ones that got away...



At 13 March, 2007 07:36, Blogger What the Chuck said...

Hi T,

Now THAT was all over the place!

Glad to hear you didn't have refrigerator disaster!



At 13 March, 2007 08:01, Blogger cadbury_vw said...

another fridge tip courtesy of stbx-Mrs_C (who is heating/ventilation/airconditioning certified): every now and then, vacuum and wipe down the coil on your fridge. if you have one where they are underneath, get under there as much as you can. also wipe the compressor off.

the dust coating can reduce efficieny on a fridge by as much as 40% and can reduce life expectency of your cooling apparatus

At 13 March, 2007 09:02, Blogger Chelle said...

Dang...I woulda just gone and bought a new fridge!! lol I will have to remember to check the vents if something ever happens! :)

You know, at first, I thought you were going to say that the stuff on the front caused it so run slow. lol DUH!! Yeah...I'm kinda smart....really!! lol

The flowers are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing them! :)

At 13 March, 2007 13:11, Blogger Natalie said...

Glad it was so easy to fix. I would have cried.

At 13 March, 2007 15:38, Blogger terry said...

savage, i'm relieved it was something so simple... !

blondie... HAH. funny. and yes, we should all have fresh flowers around to make us happy!

pirate, what are you doing plugging another blog here?

oh. yeah. heh.

chuck, are you suggesting i'm scattered??

oh. yeah. heh.

cad, can i hire someone to do that for me??

chelle, i didn't even show you all the stuff that's on TOP of the fridge...!

natalie, i would have cried too, if i'd lost a freezerful of food!

At 13 March, 2007 17:02, Blogger Laura said...

very very pretty flowers!
at least your fridge has interesting things, in my mom's organziing spell she has decided that a clear fridge means a cleaner house. so ehmm yeah.
oh yeah go annswer my question on my blog rhanks!

At 13 March, 2007 17:15, Blogger Natalia said...

Stupid blogger swallowed the comment I left earlier!


At 13 March, 2007 20:16, Blogger terry said...

laura, everyone has a different definition of "organized..."

nat! i hate when that happens.

At 21 March, 2007 19:19, Blogger masgblog said...

your fridge looks like a similar clutter to my outsdie fridge. Some people have even commented on it...but they can take a flying you know what....I like my's clutter with a purpose.


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