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Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'm sorry...

...but there's no wine left in California.

I bought it all. Or tasted it all.

Seriously. There are a bajillion bottles currently sitting on my dining room table.

The funny thing is that when I was grocery shopping the night before the grand wine extravaganza, I found myself, by habit, in the wine aisle. I nearly bought something before I realized how ridiculous that was.

The highlight of the day was a winery I've never even heard of -- the Mayo Family Winery. It's kind of a boutique winery, and they make really good wine. But the really cool thing is the food and wine pairings they do at their reserve room. Oh. My. GOD, the food was AMAZING with the wine. The wine definitely enhanced the food, and vice-versa. AND the chef went out of his way to rework some of the recipes to make them gluten-free for me. They couldn't have been nicer or more accomodating and OH MY GOD, did I mention the extreme yumminess?

There was a low point, also, when we stopped at a winery I've been visiting for two decades (!!). Back then, the winemaker and his wife sold wine out of their garage, and it was a completely charming experience with really great wine. Over the years, they've built bigger and nicer tasting rooms, but hadn't turned into a corporate-esque entity. It still had most of the charm of a smaller winery.

Until now. They've become Frass Canyon (as in, "Sideways"). There was a wait to taste, and then the tasting turned into a sideshow for tourists. I hate that. Thank goodness I can still order the wines I like online, because I won't be stopping there ever again.

Where else did I go? Lots of great places, some of which we just tripped over on previous outings. Hop Kiln (the Thousand Flowers wine is amaaaaazing.). Roshambo (which hosts the regional Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament each June -- it's hilarious). Landmark (which makes amazing Chardonnay). And Prager Port Works. If you like port, you must try their Noble Companion Tawny Port. It is TO DIE FOR. I'm not one to spend 50 bucks on a bottle of wine, but I will always gladly fork that over for this stuff.

It was a wonderful day all around, with good company, spectacular weather, and great wine in mostly unpretentious places.

Now the question is, which bottle do I open first?

At 11 November, 2006 14:17, Blogger sassinak said...

dude, what a great fucking day


nice... i'm so glad for you that you're taking time for you and discovering things that are new.

sad about the garagey place but *shrug* ... try them again in five years, maybe they'll 'get it'

At 11 November, 2006 16:08, Blogger the shrewness said...

sounds like you had a fab time!

can you send one of those bottles my way? :)

At 11 November, 2006 16:51, Blogger terry said...

sass, it was really grand.
and i think it's too late for the formerly garagey place. i'm sure they're making tons more money now, and that's hard to walk away from.

shrew, sure! i have no riesling, though there's one that's kinda riesling-esque...

At 11 November, 2006 18:09, Blogger The Missouri Savage said...

open the first bottle ya grab.. but of course by the time this is read by you there will already probably be one open.....

At 11 November, 2006 19:26, Blogger JMai said...

Oh man, save the tawny port for me!! I loooove port... went absolutely bananas over it when I visited Portugal. Not the best place for wine tastings, really... all those cobblestone streets are hardly safe for people to walk after 5 or 6 winery tours. But the port was worth the possible bruised knee.

My parents live along the wine trail (one of them) in upstate NY, and they're always traipsing about buying new and different wines. I love visiting because I get to take home a bottle. There was a bottle of apricot port that I wanted so badly to bag but I knew it was an $80 bottle and they should get to enjoy it.

That is sad about the old garage-turned-sideshow though. I wonder if they'll get tired of being performing monkeys for tourists and return to simplicity.

I've been thinking a lot about simplicity lately... hmmm...

At 12 November, 2006 09:37, Blogger terry said...

savage, you were right!

jmai, i imagine the port in portugal must be amaaaazing. what a nice way to be introduced to port.

and there's a lot to be said for simplicity, i think.

At 14 November, 2006 07:46, Blogger jillie said...

I LOVE wine especially a GOOD red wine. Now after reading your post...I could go for some. Think I'll wait until atleast noon...I'll have to check out some of these online. You make them sound SO yummy!


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