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Sunday, November 19, 2006

I was a baby when I learned to suck...

....but you have raised it to an art form...

-Barenaked Ladies, "Wind It Up."

(See below. I'm kind of irritated that they edited the song for the single, as there's a whole friggin' verse missing, but I forgive the boys because I love 'em.)

No, I have no specific reason to post these lyrics; I just have the song stuck in my head and LOVE that line.

And I'm thinking about something sucky about myself. It has to do with one of those potential sparks dudes. Let's just call him Sparky, shall we?

I just realized the other day that I'm sort of hoping for and enjoying his attention while not being sure how interested I am.

Not only is that pathetic, it's not nice. And it also seems to me that if I were truly interested, I wouldn't have to wonder whether I am. Right?

So perhaps I'll crawl back into my Not Paying Attention to Boys hole for awhile. It's just that I'm feeling a little lonely in that department. Maybe it's the approach of the holidays, or the fact that it's been sooooo long since I've connected with a fella. Since I've even been really interested in anyone. Still... better to be alone than to get hung up in something that's not right for anyone.

But on a much more fun subject, Miss Cheese and I got to meet Jmai last night! She was in town on business and we made her drink giant cocktails at the scene of many of our drunken evenings of yore. It was great fun, and she is as lovely and fun in person as she is on the Internets.

I have a terrible feeling some unflattering photos will be making an appearance soon on her blog.

And now she knows just what dorks we truly are.

At 19 November, 2006 13:41, Blogger SignGurl said...

Isn't meeting someone from on-line fun. Especially when they are just what they appeared to be.

At 19 November, 2006 15:21, Blogger Blondie said...

It is the holidays. It's making me nuts. I'm forcing the cats to cuddle with me a lot more often. But then again, if we had men, then we would just have to buy them holiday presents, so there you have it. ;)

At 19 November, 2006 17:30, Blogger JMai said...

Hmmm, no sparks for Sparky? That's too bad for him. But if you're just not into him, then you should wait until someone who makes your guts do butterfly jumps. Gross imagery but you know what I mean.

I am SO glad I got to meet up with you both! Thank you so much for inviting me out. You're both such fun, fabulous ladies and I had a great time finding out precisely how dorky you really are. Of course, now you know the same about me too. And there are no unflattering photos, so your fears are unfounded!

At 20 November, 2006 11:14, Blogger cadbury_vw said...

it would be nice to be able to meet blogging circle friends in person

i am envious of your opportunity


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